Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset my password/PIN?

You can reset your password on the SentriKey® Real Estate website.

1. Go to and click Forgot Password.

2. The Forgot Password screen will be displayed.

3. In the text box, enter your SentriKey® ID (or SentriCard serial number).

4. Click Send E-mail. You’ll see a message from the SentriKey® Real Estate website letting you know that a link to change your password has been sent to your email.

5. Click the link in the email. Note: This link will expire in 24 hours.

6. The link will take you to the Change Password screen. Enter your new password, and then enter it again.

7. Click Save Changes. Your new password has been created and can be used to log in to the SentriKey® Real Estate system.

How do I enable Touch ID in the SentriKey® Real Estate App?

SentriKey® Real Estate app users have the ability to set up Touch ID and Facial Recognition to quickly and easily access your most frequently used functions. You are able to use the new recognition feature in place of your PIN and Password to help you be more efficient. Enable Touch ID from your SentriKey settings or through the Opt In process.

Opt In: When you have downloaded or updated to the latest version of our app you will have the opportunity to enable Touch ID/Facial Recognition to use with SentriKey through an Opt In screen.

SentriKey Settings: If you chose not to enable Touch ID through the Opt In screen, you can always enable this feature in the app under My Settings > Enable Touch ID > Tap Enable Touch ID> Tap Continue.

How do I use the SentriKey® Real Estate mobile app to open a Bluetooth® lockbox?

  1. Log in to the SentriKey® application.
  2. Press the ENT button on the lockbox keypad to wake it up.
  3. Enter Your PIN and Tap Open Lockbox. (If Touch ID is enabled, the app will prompt you to use Touch ID.)
  4. The lockbox motor will begin turning, and the lockbox key compartment will open.

How do I enable the Agent Safety Feature?

  • In the SentriKey® Real Estate app, tap on the Menu at the top left.
  • Select My Settings.
  • Tap Agent Safety.
  • Tap Enable Agent Safety.
  • Read and Accept the Release Agreement.
  • When prompted, enter your PIN and tap Accept (if enabled, the Touch ID prompt will appear).

From the Agent Safety settings page, you will need to add an emergency contact. Do this by tapping on the blue plus button next to Safety Notification Contacts. After selecting a contact and tapping Continue, you will receive a confirmation screen.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to know about SentriKey Showing Service®?

The SentriKey Showing Service® is the first and only combined solution for managing showings, customer experience, and property access. It is an optional, subscription-based service that associations and MLSs can offer to their members. This innovative, easy-to-use, and feature-rich solution from SentriLock, your trusted real estate technology partner, is an alternative to current showing service offerings in the market.

What can the showing service do for me?

The SentriKey Showing Service® offers a feature-filled showing service that gives real estate professionals a fully integrated showing experience. Agents will utilize the same SentriKey® Real Estate mobile app (or website) for the showing service that many currently use to open lockboxes and manage showings. Click here to learn what it can do for you.

Do I need to be a current lockbox customer to use the showing service?

We anticipate making the showing service available to Associations and MLSs on other lockbox platforms in the third quarter of 2021.

Are there multiple tiers of service available?

Yes, there are three tiers of service available – MLS Integration, Select, and Premium. The Association or MLS subscribes to the option that best meets their needs. Members can upgrade to access higher tiers of service. Click here to see what’s available at each service tier.

Is there initial and ongoing training and support available?

Comprehensive onboard training is available to association subscribers and their members. Ongoing training tools such as collateral, videos, and webinars will also be available to showing service users.


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