Life is all about choices.

You help your clients choose the home of their dreams. A place they’ll raise a family and create memories that last a lifetime. You deserve choices too. A better choice for managing your listings, your showings and your schedule.


You deserve SentriKey Showing Service.

Available Summer 2020!

It’s clearly a better choice for managing your home sales.  

SentriKey Showing Service helps you schedule showings, review the marketplace, suggest homes to your clients, and a whole lot more from the convenience of our app or website. 


A Familiar Name and Place

The same SentriKey Real Estate app that you use to open your lockbox and manage access to a listing gives you the optional SentriKey Showing Service. See our complete solution.

Save Time

Save Time

Enjoy fully integrated lockbox management and showing services. View our at-a-glance dashboard of your business in one place.

Save Effort

Save Effort

Schedule or approve a showing request with just a few clicks. View the schedules of team members on your phone or computer.

Attract Buyers

Attract Buyers

Send recommended properties directly to your client’s phone. Review sales trends and marketplace data with clients through the app.

You Deserve A Better Choice

The SentriKey Showing Service offers a complete solution to managing your access needs. Our mobile app provides seamless scheduling directly integrated with lockbox access.


Calendar iconNEW FEATURES

The integration of our showing service with the My Schedule and Access by Appointment features allows you to benefit from the most efficient and secure SentriLock experience possible.



If you have questions about how SentriKey Showing Service may fit your organization’s needs, contact Devin Beck at