We create world-class customer experiences and deliver the most innovative technology.


To be the leading provider of access management solutions.


Providing a world of access in a secure way.

Key Milestones


Our Core Values

To us, our core values are not lip service. Our relentless pursuit to be customer focused, innovative, passionate, resilient, intelligent, and trustworthy guides our every move.

Intelligent core value

Resilient core value

Customer focused core value

Innovative core value

Trustworthy core value

Passionate core value

Accountable core value


Our commitment to the environment

SentriLock’s ongoing commitment to the environment extends to its solutions bringing more efficient access to buildings and property. The reductions in travel facilitated by SentriLock’s products and services brings greater efficiency to businesses and lower carbon emissions into the atmosphere, in some cases reducing travel by 50%. Our IT systems are migrating to cloud providers that use renewable energy sources.

From the physical products perspective, significant design efforts have been placed on product longevity, repairability, and recyclability. Our latest generation products have been produced to allow disassembly to recover components or sorting by material type for recyclability. Materials used are naturally corrosion resistant to extend their operating life as well as fabricated from materials that can be disposed of without increased risk of groundwater contamination. For materials we cannot reuse internally, we have recycling partners that can take our materials and extract metals that are environmentally costly to extract.

SentriLock’s commitment is to continue to seek out opportunities to improve our products to lessen our impact on the environment.