Peace of mind, unlocked.

Whether they’re cleaning staff, painters, or any contractor in between, you can easily let individuals in and out of your property without having to be there. You can keep door keys secure but accessible, right at the property, with SentriLock – the industry’s most powerful access management solution.

You control the when and for whom

The SentriLock solution gives you more control of who has access and when. Whether it’s the middle of the day or middle of the night, you can provide access to who needs it.

Avoid costly missed calls for service

Time often equals money. Avoid the cost and inconvenience of missed service calls by providing managed access to the facility to service providers.

Control and manage facility access

It’s not just a lockbox – it’s an access management system. Access can be managed for vendors, their employees, and even subcontractors. Access can also be granted or revoked when needed.

Save money

Enjoy the savings from not having to duplicate keys and rekey locks constantly. The keys safely and securely stay with the facility.

Be in the know

Now you can know when individuals enter the facility, when they leave, or if they never showed up. You can also track accountability by knowing how much time a contractor or other service provider spends in the facility.

The convergence of lockbox access, showing management, and innovative assistive software on the same platform is now the future of technology – and we are proud to offer it.

— Scott Fisher

CEO and Founder of SentriLock

... And the other thing I really love about it (SentriLock), is that I know that I’m taking really good care of my sellers when I have a lockbox on there that I know that no one’s going to be able to break into, and I know it’s going to be easy for REALTORS to access.

— Heather Zimmaro

Director of Education, Coldwell Banker Heritage