SentriGuard® Lockbox: New Features Video

SentriGuard® – SentriLock’s latest lockbox – is packed with industry-first technology and easy-to-use features that make it the most secure and reliable lockbox around. Check […]

How to Utilize Data From Your Showings

5-8-21, Real Estate Marketing Dude podcast: Learn how to grow your business through showing data – and how it can differentiate you from the competition.

The Future of Real Estate Agent Showings

4-30-21, Keeping It Real: Learn how the SentriKey Showing Service® can give you more time back in your day and make your life easier.

A New Player in Showing Services

4-21-21, Listing Bits: CEO and Founder Scott Fisher and Director of Revenue Devin Beck share the company’s approach and “secret weapon” behind its showing service.

SentriLock | The Trusted Solution for Real Estate Professionals: Video

Spend more time selling and providing great client experiences with SentriLock – the leading real estate lockbox, showing service, and experience management solution provider.

SentriGuard® Lockbox: Preview Video

Get your first look at the strongest, most reliable, and smartest real estate solution for secure property access.

SentriLock Testimonials | Renee Whitmore

Renee Whitmore, Associate Broker for Old Dominion Realty, shares her SentriLock experience.

SentriKey® Real Estate Apple Watch App: Video

Watch how easy it is to use the SentriKey® Real Estate Apple Watch App to open SentriLock key compartments.

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REALTOR® Barbara Hamilton shares her SentriLock experience.

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How to Build an Itinerary

View how to build an itinerary in the SentriKey Showing Service®.

How to Access My Settings

View how to set up Access My Settings in the SentriKey Showing Service®.

SentriKey Showing Service®: Launch Video

Watch the SentriKey Showing Service® launch video.

SentriConnect®: Update Video

Learn how SentriConnect®, available through SentriKey Real Estate mobile app, enables you to grant secure, time-controlled access to non-SentriLock users.

SentriKey Showing Service®: Introduction Video

Watch this 1-minute video that provides a high-level look of the features and benefits of the SentriKey Showing Service®.

SentriLock System: Overview Video

See how our lockbox solution provides secure, easy-to-use property access.