How to Schedule an Appointment



1. Navigate to the Schedule page and click “Schedule a Showing”


2. To search for a listing, click on the ‘Search Listing Address’ field.


3. Enter the address, and then select the one you wish to schedule an appointment for from the dropdown box.


4. Select the date, duration, and type of showing of the appointment


5. Within the calendar, adjust both the start and finish times by sliding the time bar.

If you make changes with the time bar, the appointment’s duration will automatically be updated.


6. Optional: You can add the client the appointment is being scheduled for by clicking “Add Client”.


7. Select the client from your Client Roster.

You can also add a client to your roster by clicking ‘+ Add a New Client’


8. Click “Add”


9. Click “Schedule Now”


10. The unconfirmed appointment is now added to your calendar. You can click on it to review the details.