Property Management Made Easy

It doesn’t matter if you have one property or dozens, having to deliver keys in person is an inefficient way to spend your valuable time. Whether you’re renting the property and providing first-time access to tenants, or allowing entry to cleaning and maintenance personnel after the rental, you need an efficient way to keep door keys secure but accessible – right at the property. SentriLock offers the industry’s most powerful property management solution. With Sentrilock lockboxes, you can be virtually everywhere, while being exactly where you want to be.

The most secure lockbox available

Benefit from the value and reliability or lockboxes provide, with weather-resistant design, the toughest security testing available, and long-lasting user-replaceable batteries.

Powerful temporary access options

Whether you need to provide access to the property for a few hours or several weeks, SentriLock gives you secure, temporary access solutions that meet your unique business needs.

Always be in the know

Rest easy with SentriLock’s property management lockbox solution, ensuring peace of mind by always knowing who is accessing the property and when.

Simple but effective design

Our lockbox features a jam-free, extra-large key compartment, an illuminated keypad for convenient day or night access, and a fully removable shackle for when you need it.

The convergence of lockbox access, showing management, and innovative assistive software on the same platform is now the future of technology – and we are proud to offer it.

— Scott Fisher

CEO and Founder of SentriLock

... And the other thing I really love about it (SentriLock), is that I know that I’m taking really good care of my sellers when I have a lockbox on there that I know that no one’s going to be able to break into, and I know it’s going to be easy for REALTORS to access.

— Heather Zimmaro

Director of Education, Coldwell Banker Heritage