The “Secret Weapon” Behind SentriLock’s Showing Service Solution

As SentriLock experiences strong demand for its showing service solution, CEO and Founder Scott Fisher and Director of Revenue Devin Beck share the company’s approach – and “secret weapon.”

In the April 21 Listing Bits podcast, Fisher and Beck detail how SentriLock’s relationship with the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) and the company’s commitment to customer service differentiate the leading lockbox, showing service, and experience management provider from its competition. SentriLock is the trusted wholly owned subsidiary of NAR, the real estate trade association with more than 1.4 million members, and is its Official Lockbox Solution.

“The service piece is so important to what we do,” Fisher said. “That’s our secret weapon, really, because we will invest more than anybody in making sure that service is amazing. And you see it in our results. … That service component is what the agents really feel when they’re out there and they’re doing their daily business.”

Beck said, “Something we tried to get to the bottom of very early in the development process is, essentially, what is the value of a showing service. It’s a productivity tool to make these components of your life a little easier, so some of the things that we focused on were purely around that.”

One of those features that Beck says he’s really proud of is the virtual assistant that SentriLock has built. SAM™, the SentriKey™ Assistant for Mobile, is the industry’s first artificial intelligence-based virtual assistant that reschedules showings and provides push notifications for appointments, factoring in drive time and traffic patterns. “One thing people can’t get back is time, so if we can give them 30 minutes to an hour a week back, that’s where a service like this really justifies itself,” he said.

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The SentriKey Showing Service® Solution
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The Story Behind SentriKey Showing Service®

SentriKey Showing Service® is the first and only combined solution for managing showings, property access, and client communication. First previewed in 2020, the showing service is now available as a trusted and secure solution for current SentriLock customers. It will be available to all MLSs and associations in Q3 2021. The showing service requires a subscription by an association or MLS for the service to be available to its members.


Listen to the full podcast episode here or click the button below to learn more about how SentriKey Showing Service® revolutionizes the showing service landscape for NAR members – and the industry at large.