SentriLock Card Utility Release Notes

The latest version of the SentriLock Card Utility can always be downloaded from:

Card Utility v4.0.18

2016 December 7

  • Improved performance and reliability by reusing connections to the web server
  • Improved reliability by automatically retrying on connection failures

Card Utility v4.0.16

2016 October 21

  • Removed browser plugin detection because it fails or provides bad experience for some with slow Internet connections

Card Utility v4.0.15

2016 October 12

  • Allow user to specify which browser to use for card renewal.
  • Fixed issue where user would get the error message “Failed to Launch. x.x is not a valid floating point value” when manually changing decimal separator to comma for English-US region
  • Updated status log version reporting for Windows 10
  • Block card renewals when web browser is running known malware extensions/plugins (Windows)

Card Utility v4.0.13

2015 June 1

  • Now ignores file permission errors when reading or saving settings
  • If Edge or any Real Time app is the default web browser, which is incompatible with CU4, then CU4 attempts to find and use Internet Explorer instead (Windows)
  • Fixed issue where some error messages may have been missing from status log

Card Utility v4.0.12

2015 April 22

  • In order to simplify and unify the user interface between platforms, the card utility no longer hides the task bar icon (no “minimize to system tray”) (Windows)
  • No longer displays system tray icon (Windows)
  • Ignores invalid startup items in Windows registry instead of failing (Windows)
  • Prompt user if they’re sure they want to close when clicking red X (Windows & Mac)
  • Prompt user if they want to close app on OS restart (Mac)

Card Utility v4.0.11

2015 March 31

  • Automatically retry upon card reinsertion after reaching card access counter safety limit
  • Increase number of retries from 3 to 6 before requiring Remote Card Edit
  • Always allow user to log in regardless of access counter state so they can use the website and receive Remote Card Edit
  • Added non-fatal error message for invalid access counter values

Card Utility v4.0.10

2015 March 18

  • Allows Mac computer shutdown without having to first exit the application (Mac)
  • Card reader now works after Fast User Switching and Remote Desktop (Windows)
  • Updated SSL libraries (Windows)

Card Utility v4.0.9

2015 January 21

  • Updated: Now supports OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) (Mac Only).

Card Utility v4.08.49

2014 September 8

  • Updated: New CU4 file signature to support OS X 10.9.5 (Mac Only).

Card Utility v4.07.48

2013 November 26

  • Fixed “not a valid floating point value” Error when inserting card for systems where decimal separator is other than ‘.’
  • Fixed: CU4 now properly shuts down for Windows restart.
  • Fixed: CU4 installer will now prompt to restart when replacing in-use files (Windows only).
  • Fixed: Disable App Nap on OS X 10.9+ to keep CU4 from sleeping (Mac only).
  • Fixed: Moved update check to background thread to keep GUI responsive.
  • Fixed: Intermittent dead locks and infinite loops.
  • Fixed: Bugs in embedded web server actions.
  • Fixed: Many minor bugs.
  • Fixed: Raising error messages on server.
  • Added card corruption prevention and detection mechanisms.
  • Added detailed platform information to status log.
  • Added ability to skip duplicate file writes to improve performance when renewing cards.
  • Added ability to write only changed byte range to card file directory to improve performance.
  • Added card page size and card ATR (on non-sentricard) to status log.
  • Added ability to disable feature where CU4 adds sentrilock sites to trusted sites via registry for IE protected mode. Simply add “AddTrusted=0″ to “Settings” section of ini file (Windows only).
  • Removed some redundant status log messages.
  • Fixed: CU 4 now displays an error if a card is inserted that does not respond. Previously, nothing would happen when a dead card was inserted.
  • Fixed: Improved PCSC component. Card events should now be more responsive on both Windows and Mac.
  • Fixed: Card reader removal should now be detected on both Windows and Mac. Previously, card reader removal was only detected on Windows.
  • Fixed: Added support for Digicrypto “Castle EZ” card reader that is not fully PCSC compliant (Windows only).

Card Utility v4.06.41

2013 October 24

  • Fixed for Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 8 by adding to trusted sites (Windows only).
  • Removed error message popup if application is already running since no action is required by the user.
  • Fixed server address form caption.

Card Utility v4.05.40

2013 October 7

  • Fixed: Notification of SentriSecure server on SentriCard removal.
  • Added “Run at Startup” feature to main application menu (Windows only).
  • Added Card ATR to status log (in case of non-Sentricard detection).
  • Added Card Page Size to status log.
  • Fixed: Minor status log clean up.
  • Added Signed Open SSL DLLs (previously unsigned).

Card Utility v4.04.39

2013 September 23

  • Does not require Java (Natively compiled binary. Signed application bundle.)
  • Zero configuration.
  • Built-in failover server list.
  • Next auto-renewal time displayed.
  • Combined status log (Single-click uploading of logs to support).
  • Simplified (short) status message.
  • Updated (fixed) SCR Card reader drivers (for Windows).

Card Utility v2.06.59

2012 July 20

  • Fixed auto-updater to work with new UAC controls for Windows Vista and above.
  • Fixed “clear card” function to work with 32K smart cards.
  • Fixed file permission error when setting dialog option.
  • Improved installer program.

Card Utility v2.05.52

2008 November 1

  • More robust Internet connectivity.
  • Card reader “reconnect” recognizes a re-connected card read without restaring the card utility. More convenient for laptop users who disconnect and reconnect their card readers.
  • Set focus to password on failed login.
  • Don’t clear username on failed login.
  • Allow user to renew without password. “Remember password” option.
  • Added autorenewal. “Scheduled renewals”.
  • Set password retry limit to 5.
  • “Affiliate” users can now change their own card PINs.
  • Updated the Sentrilock logo icon.
  • Don’t prompt user to upload files when they click Renew button or login.
  • Improved card file maintenance.
  • AEs can now reprint member card carrier sheets.
  • Changed error message for server protocol errors so users don’t think they couldn’t connect.
  • Removed identity selection during renewal. This was not needed and it allows autorenewal to work without user intervention.
  • Allow users to send error reports to Sentrilock.
  • Added option to add/remove Sentrilock from Startup group in Setup Options.
  • Support for XP and Vista themes.
  • Forgotten password retrieval. Added “Forgot your password?” link to main form.
  • Added support for HTTPS proxies.
  • Added support for new card file types and automatic removal of duplicate files.
  • Enhanced diagnostic and error-reporting tools.
  • Added HTTPS connection test to Diagnostic tools Connect report. This allows support staff to troubleshoot and verify failed HTTPS connections.
  • Added “Use Secure Logins (SSL)” option to Server Setup options tab. This allows users that have SSL blocked to be able to login without SSL.
  • Added HTTPS failover mode. This allows the card utility to automatically (with user confirmation) degrade security when the HTTPS connections fail.
  • Fixed bug that caused error when starting up card utility for those with language settings that use something other than the “.” character for the decimal separator.
  • Misc. bug fixes.
  • Updated bug reporting to indicate 64-bit OS in diagnostic system report. This helps the support staff properly determine the end user’s platform by utilizing the updated System diagnostics report.
  • Check for SSL libraries. This prevents error from missing SSL libraries. Users are given a better message about missing libraries now.
  • Fixed proxy settings and OK button enabling on options dialog.
  • Supports 3rd Party Authentication.
  • Added status log. The Status Log is a tool for the user and support to view status log history.
  • Added URL log. The URL log is a tool for the user and support to view the URL history from the embedded browser.
  • Updated splash screen and lockbox image. Users should see their lockbox type after they insert their card.
  • Ability to display a custom message when a card is terminated.
  • Added Message of the Day feature to let SentriLock broadcast message to users when they insert thier SentriCard into the reader.
  • If the card utility is in failover mode due to failed connectivity to the main server, the card utility will now automatically retry the main server after each card insertion, rather than previously having to restart the card utility to switch back to the main server.

EventTracker v1.04.27

2011 August 9

  • Added ability to maximize EventTracker, thereby utilizing the entire desktop to brand EventTracker.
  • Changed ‘Sync Events’ button to ‘Sync Event’. EventTracker now only syncs the attendance records for the currently selected event instead of all the events. This should improve the speed of syncing for the user in most cases, since in most cases the user is only dealing with the most recent/current event.
  • Added main menu item in the Tracker menu to ‘Sync Events…’. User has option to sync all events, the last n events, or events after a specified date.
  • If the user goes to the attendance tab for a selected event that has no attendance records and may have attendance records on the server, the user is prompted to sync the selected event to download attendances from the server.
  • Added “Clear Events…” option to the Tracker menu so the user can clear the events and hide them from the next user on the computer.
  • Email address on the tracker tab now clears if the email registration is successful.
  • All modal message dialogs are now centered on the main form.
  • Fixed bug where the image wouldn’t always load on the attendance tab and the images were reloading (causing another download) when the image was already downloaded.
  • Fixed bug where the images on the attendance tab don’t try to load while doing a ‘Random Select’. This improves the experience for the user.
  • Fixed bug where the Loading Image animation on the attendance tab was taking to long to disappear, causing flickering.
  • Fixed bug where selecting Cancel on an email registration entry would leave the email address filled in and even though it was a valid format, the OK button wasn’t enabled.
  • Fixed bug where Deleting an event then creating a new one would cause EventTracker to lock up.
  • Fixed bug with date conversion between server and client when client date format differed from server.