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REALTOR® Safety Webinar

The Best Ways for Realtors® to Stay Safe

In honor of September being REALTOR® Safety Month, our topic for this webinar was safety methods and tools that REALTORS® can use to protect themselves on and off the job. SentriLock was fortunate enough to host this REALTOR® Safety Webinar alongside Carl Carter, Executive Director and Founder of the Beverly Carter Foundation, and world-renowned REALTOR® Safety Expert Tracey Hawkins. While safety is being discussed more and more in the real estate industry, our experts say that most agents still aren’t taking the necessary precautions to stay safe before, during, and after interacting with clients.

Here are some important things to always remember:

  1. Identify your buyer. As a REALTOR® himself, Carl recommends that his clients use their driver’s license as a profile photo so that he can easily verify their identity. That way, it will deter buyers from committing identity theft or other illegal activities.
  2. Trust your instincts. Tracey has heard countless tragic stories from agents who didn’t listen to their guts, even when they had a bad feeling about a certain client or situation. Those who did were able to save themselves from danger.
  3. Create a witness. Oftentimes, agents have to conduct showings by themselves, leaving them vulnerable to clients with ill intentions. Carl suggests using technology to your advantage by taking note of any smart devices or security cameras throughout the property to discourage potential robberies or attacks from occurring.
  4. Danger doesn’t discriminate. Tragedy can strike at any time, regardless of an agent’s gender, race, or physical appearance. Tracey encourages all REALTORS® to take safety education seriously, whether that means taking self-defense classes or carrying some sort of tool or weapon that can be used as protection if things go south.

If you are interested in hearing more about the important topic of REALTOR® Safety or just want to rewatch the webinar, check out the video below.

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