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How AI Can Help Your Business

Exclusive Webinar

With the rapid uprise of AI technology being widely utilized in industries all over the world, SentriLock wanted to keep you up to date on the latest news regarding AI usage within the real estate industry. We were so excited to have AI expert Lisa Larson as our guest for this webinar. Lisa is the North America Managing Director at with over 20 years of experience in Prop Tech, and she is responsible for managing the fastest-growing Al technology in Real Estate, MLS, Valuations, Appraisals, and Insurance in North America. According to Lisa, AI works best when it’s working alongside a human, so the best way to leverage the technology is to use it to enhance existing content as well as help simplify your work processes.

Here are a few different ways in which AI can help make your job easier:

  1. Using Computer Vision, AI is able to analyze property photos and tag room types, functionality, and other desirable features for you, so that you no longer have to sift through each property’s photos and manually categorize features yourself. Each property and each client’s needs are highly unique, so you still have full control over what is posted to your listing.
  2. Generative AI ChatGPT can create property descriptions for you. Even better, you can determine what tone you would like the description to be written in, whether it’s a standard tone, a playful one, or a professional one, depending on what kind of buyer you want to attract to each property.
  3. Photo Matching: AI can also help you do something called photo matching. A buyer may find a photo of a kitchen they like but may not have the terminology to describe the kitchen. What you can do is take that photo and have AI visually match it to similar photos, so that your buyer can find their dream kitchen in a house that’s right for them.
  4. Creating Alt Texts: Another benefit of using generative AI to tag all of your imagery is that it can automatically create alt-text for each photo as well, allowing you to add an element to your website that is ADA-friendly and will put you ahead of other competitors that still rely on voice-overs and videos to communicate and convey important information.

SentriLock was at the forefront of this new technology by offering the real estate industry’s first AI virtual assistant, SAM™, the SentriKey™ Assistant for Mobile. SAM™ automatically keeps your day running smoothly and reschedules showings so you can skip the back-and-forth of unnecessary phone calls and texts. She also lets you know when it’s time to leave based on drive time and traffic patterns. You can always learn more about SAM™ and how AI works in our SentriKey Showing Service®.

If you are interested in hearing more about how AI can help your real estate business or just want to rewatch the webinar, check out the video below.