Secure, controlled access on a listing is more important than ever, especially as more sellers and their families work and learn from home. How can you, as an association leader, guarantee controlled access to the right person, on the right day, at the right time?

The Solution

SentriLock delivers the most secure property access solution in the industry: Access By Appointment (ABA). The ABA feature in the SentriKey® Real Estate app gives your members complete control over who can gain access to a home listing … and when. When enabled, ABA ensures that no one can access the lockbox to enter a listing unless they have a confirmed, scheduled showing appointment. ABA addresses the need for:

  • Strict compliance. ABA can be a highly effective property access management solution at the association level. When you make ABA available, your members have a way to ensure compliance to access rules. This reduces the possibility of unauthorized accesses and policy violations.
  • More control. A showing agent or other requestor has to schedule an appointment to gain access to the property. Your listing agent has the ultimate control to grant secure access to just the scheduled agent, on the scheduled day, at the scheduled time.
  • Easy and secure integration. The ABA feature can be integrated with existing showing services to automate the process of granting access to our lockboxes based on the appointment time scheduled through the showing service.
  • Personalized security. ABA lets your listing agent easily establish and adjust showing availability based on the seller’s schedule and needs, resulting in homeowner control, confidence, and peace of mind.

ABA provides the ultimate layer of control for your association, your members, and their sellers.


ABA Benefits

  • Maximum level of property access management available on the market
  • Improved property access governance, oversight, and actionable data at the association level
  • Easy-to-grant secure, dedicated access with trackable access data
  • Enhanced image and competitive advantage for your members and your association
  • Controlled access to help protect homeowners’ most valuable asset and provide them peace of mind

To learn more about the ABA solution, please contact your SentriLock Customer Success Manager.