Christy Robertson, Ancillary Tools Trainer and Electronic Lockbox Coordinator for Triangle MLS, shares her SentriLock experience.


Hi, I’m Christy Robertson.

I’m the Ancillary Tools Trainer and the Electronic Lockbox Coordinator for the Triangle Multiple Listing Service in Raleigh, North Carolina.

We’re a regional MLS that services about 13,000 subscribers.

I am the trainer for SentriLock, so I have always teaching our agents how to use things like the One Day Codes.

And there was really pleased to add in the beginnings of the SentriConnect app as an option for them to use with their vendors.

Now, with the new update, it’s even more exciting because there’s so many more features that are just going to knock their socks off.

The fact that they can do on-the-fly registration, and create addresses and get things ready for them to set the lockbox on a property that’s still in a pre-listing state to invite their vendors into through the SentriConnect piece through using their own SentriKey app.

I love that we’ve got this new map feature where they’ll be able to tell where they’ve given access and how the vendors are going to see where their accesses are.

It’s going to be so much cleaner, so much easier for them to use.

There won’t be PIN numbers to remember.

This registration is easier and more secure and we on the MLS level will definitely be able to help them out.

There’s just too many features to name with this new update.

I’m excited that it’s going to be here in the middle of July.

I can’t wait to get it integrated into our market and to see all the new accesses that we start having because of this.

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