11.2.22 Affiliate Scheduling

Feature Release 11/2/22 Listing agents can now schedule appointments for Affiliates in SentriKey Showing Service®.  Appointments can be scheduled up to four hours and can […]

10.10.2022 SKSS Feature Release

Remove Requirement for Agent/co-listing Agent to Confirm Appointments If “Appointment Required, Confirm by All” is selected, only the client/occupant is required to confirm or decline […]

9.6.2022 Adding A Client

Agents can add a new or existing client to a confirmed appointment. You can also add in a client during appointment scheduling.

9.6.2022 MLS Itinerary Cart Integration

SKSS users can select listings in the MLS and send them to the SentriKey Showing Service site to create an itinerary. The listings will be […]

9.6.2022 Itinerary Enhancements

The improved itineraries has a new level of usability, visibility, and flexibility, taking users experience to the next level! Get a full picture of your […]

9.6.2022 Automatic Feedback to Client

Listing and Co-Listing Agents can now set up Feedback to automatically go to client, once completed by the Showing Agent.

9.6.2022 My Listing Search Enhancement

Office staff, agents, and brokers can now utilize the search bar on the My Listings page to search between their teams and companies. They no […]

9.6.2022 Co-Listing Agent Enhancements

Co-Listing Agents can now fully manage their listings from the My Listings section in the app and website. Feedback for the listing will be sent […]