The improved itineraries has a new level of usability, visibility, and flexibility, taking users experience to the next level! Get a full picture of your day when building or editing your itinerary, this view ensures there are no scheduling conflicts. Once built, your schedule is optimized for the best route. Manually adjust appointment times, listing route, and overlapping appointments. Itineraries are grouped together on the dashboard for easier viewing.

  • Can edit the start date/time of a new or existing itinerary
  • Can move appointments, delete appointments, and edit the appointment time on new or existing itineraries
  • New Show My Day bar will display any scheduling conflicts, unavailable times, or other confirmed appointments when creating a new or editing an existing itinerary
  • Can add/remove clients to an already started itinerary or edit an existing itinerary
  • Itineraries are now grouped together on the Dashboard page with a breakdown of: Number of appointments, how many are confirmed, and the number of time breaks
  • There is a NEW My Itinerary section in the app that exclusively displays all itineraries and offers another avenue to schedule an itinerary