The Bluetooth® REALTOR® Lockbox can be used in any industry faced with the challenge of managing access to keys.

The Bluetooth® REALTOR® Lockbox has the following features to help manage your keys more safely and efficient:

• Illuminated key pad, larger front opening key compartment, long lasting user replaceable batteries, Bluetooth® compatible.
• Multiple ways to access the Lockbox: SentriSmart™ Mobile App (access with your smart device and unique 4 digit PIN), SentriCard® (access with your SentriCard® and unique 4 digit PIN) or Secure One Day Codes (access with a 5 or 6 digit code that is assigned to the users and is only good on a specific day for a specific Lockbox for 1 hour from when it is first used).
• All accesses are recorded (person, date and time) and can be tracked.
• The product is LPCB Certified. The LPCB approval process involves assessment and testing of products to ensure that they meet quality standards set by a team of experts who may be regulators, insurers, designers, manufacturers, installers, engineers and scientists. Approval of products is usually based on testing undertaken by their world-renowned testing laboratories. This approval is maintained by regular audits to ensure that the product continues to meet the approval criteria.

If you are interested in introducing a Lockbox into your life, email inquiries to inq@sentrilock.com and we will contact you as soon as possible.