Lockboxes are used to keep people out of homes, but they also need to be accessible by multiple people when selling a home. This is a time of stress for some homeowners. REALTORS® need a secure way to give access to buyers, contractors, inspectors, all while keeping the homeowner’s property secure.  The SentriGuard® Lockbox is the perfect answer to secure property access.

Let’s review the multiple ways to access a lockbox key compartment:

  1. Bluetooth®
    Bluetooth® technology is used from everything from your AirPods to controlling your vacuum. But did you know it is also the easiest way to provide access for your lockbox?  To use this feature, launch your SentriKey Real Estate App and simply press the enter button on your lockbox.  Now enter your ID or authorize your facial recognition, and the key compartment will open. You can also enable your Apple Watch to open lockboxes as well!
  2. Touch-N-Show™
    This exciting new option uses NFC or Near-Field Communication, just like using Apply Pay at the convenient store or gas pump.  To use Touch-N-Show™, launch your App and tap the Touch-N-Show™ button on the screen.  Note: The first time you use this feature you will receive a notification that Touch-N-Show™ is only available for the SentriGuard® Lockbox.  Press continue and tap your phone to the lower half of the lockbox, and you will see a flashing green light and the key compartment will then open. If it does not simply pull the tab on the bottom of the lockbox.
  3. FlexCodes™
    Another exciting new feature for the new SentriGuard® Lockbox is using our new FlexCode™ as a temporary means of access.  This is an easy way to provide temporary access to agents, contractors, home inspectors, or non SentriLock members.  This code can be assigned from 30 minutes to 31 days by using the SentriKey Real Estate App®.  Simply go to “My Lockboxes” and navigate to my “My Access Code” and select a lockbox from the list.  Assign the name of the person receiving the code and a start/end date and time for property access.  Tap “Get Flex Code” and enter your pin or your facial ID, your App will generate a unique code.  To share the code, click the share icon in the upper right corner and you can send the code with instructions via email or text.
  4. SentriConnect®
    Lastly, listing agents can grant temporary access to out of area agents or consumers through the SentriConnect® App.  The agent can schedule access up to 14 days in advance, and for 14 consecutive days. This is a great product for use on rental properties and other property management needs as well!You are busy enough working with buyers and sellers. Let the secure access technology products you use be one less thing on your mind. SentriLock is constantly innovating and creating new and easy ways to manage your properties.  Each of these property management methods are secure, and trackable so your client can trust their home is in good hands.  Click on any of the links above to learn more about each of these access methods or the SentriGuard® Lockbox.