How SentriKey Showing Service® Solves 5 Common Home Showing Struggles

As you head into this Memorial Day weekend – the unofficial start of the summer home-selling season – you probably have a lot on your schedule as a showing agent: Covid-protocol open houses, multiple showings for multiple clients, and, hopefully, an accepted offer or two. And that’s just your professional life. Your weekend may also include your son’s soccer tournament, a long-anticipated family barbeque, and some much-needed lawn care. Whew. While SentriLock can’t man the grill or weed your lawn for you, we can help you manage your showings quickly and effectively.

By leveraging state-of-the-art technologies on one platform, our SentriKey Showing Service® solution helps you sell more homes. And, it’s integrated with the MLS tools you use today.

Here are 5 common, and time-consuming, home showing struggles – and how the SentriKey Showing Service® can help give you more time back in your days for selling (and cheering from the sidelines).

Struggle No 1: Managing the ever-changing status of showings

Solution: The SentriKey Showing Service® Dashboard offers the ability to manage today, tomorrow, and beyond for all showings. The same color-coded Dashboard is available on the web when you’re at your desktop and on mobile when you’re on the go. The actionable interface enables you to check the status of appointments on listings and showings; add and edit showing appointments; send confirmation requests to showing agents; and view appointment details and showing instructions. The Calendar, available on both desktop and mobile, is a quick snapshot of your appointments, giving you a high-level, detailed look at your schedule, including a link to get directions.

Struggle No 2: Mapping out a day of showings for your client

Solution: Sometimes figuring out the logistics can be the most difficult part of your day, so why not let SentriKey Showing Service® build your itinerary for you? You can schedule multiple appointments on the same day with a client and then receive your itinerary and directions for the most efficient route based on scheduled times, property addresses, and starting location.

Struggle No. 3: Adjusting the day’s itinerary on the fly when a showing goes pending and you’re with clients

Solution: With just one touch of a button, SAM™, the SentriKey™ Assistant for Mobile, cancels any appointments on listings that have gone pending and reschedules any remaining appointments on that scheduled itinerary. SAM™ manages all the back-and-forth responses and lets you know when the itinerary is updated. So, instead of spending your time hurriedly calling or texting listing agents to reschedule the day’s showings, you can grab a coffee and relax or strategize with your buyers.

Struggle No 4: Providing timely feedback in an efficient way

Solution: You can view and manage feedback that has been requested of you as the showing agent straight from your phone or laptop. Providing timely feedback is a great way to express interest and lay the groundwork for making an offer.

Struggle No. 5: Trying to reach the listing agent quickly to make an offer

Solution: The listing agent’s phone number is easily accessible from the SentriKey Showing Service® app, so you can call or text without having to call the office, or scroll through your phone contacts list or text messages. It’s one less hassle when time is of the essence, especially in today’s hot market.


SentriKey Showing Service® is the first and only combined solution for managing showings, property access, and client communication. First previewed in 2020, the showing service is now available as a trusted and secure solution for current SentriLock customers and will be available to all MLSs and associations in Q3 2021. The showing service requires a subscription by an association or MLS for the service to be available to its members.