RMA Overview

RMA is SentriLock’s Return Merchandise Authorization system. The RMA system will help both the Agents and the Association manage any lockbox returns and/or repairs.

When an Agent calls SentriLock Support to report a damaged lockbox, SentriLock Support creates a ticket and enters the lockbox into the RMA system. Once a SentriLock staff member confirms the RMA, the RMA system displays the lockbox serial number on the RMA pane. When the Association Administrator logs into the REALTOR® Lockbox Website, the Main Menu displays the serial numbers of the lockbox in the RMA pane.

Agents within an Association will be returning the lockboxes listed in the RMA pane, to their Association. When the Association has received enough lockboxes, they can check the check box in the Received column for each lockbox they are going to return. SentriLock will e-mail a call tag to the Association, who will print and affix it to the package then have it sent to SentriLock.

Note: If an Association has a lockbox that needs to be returned but does not appear on the list of serial numbers in the RMA pane, contact SentriLock Support. They must diagnose the lockbox and create a support ticket before it can be returned to SentriLock.

If the repair is under warranty, the Association will have a replacement when the return is received.  If the repair is not under warranty, the lockbox owner will need to send the lockbox to SentriLock, who will generate a repair bill.  This will be displayed in the lockbox owner’s shopping cart from the website and after payment has been submitted, a replacement will be sent.  When the customer submits the payment online, it is just authorized.  The funds won’t be collected until the replacement has been sent.

Here are a few benefits of the RMA system:

  • The Association has a record of every RMA transaction. They don’t need to create any additional paperwork or procedures to keep track of the lockboxes they have returned.
  • No need to arrange for payment ahead of time, SentriLock bills the lockbox owner directly for those repairs not under warranty.
  • You can check the status of all RMAs from a single web page.
  • The RMA system keeps track of every stage in the return/repair process.
  • In the event that SentriLock needs to replace a lockbox, the RMA system tracks the serial number of the lockbox as well as the serial number of the replacement lockbox. You now have a record of replacement lockboxes.
  • Most communication happens via e-mail.
  • The Association can specify who receives the RMA system e-mail.
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