Get the Most From Your Property Access Experience With These 3 Support Solutions

We’re back for a second round of SentriLock Support Solutions! Greg Hortemiller, Manager, Support, answers three questions the SentriLock Customer Support Team often fields … and provides quick solutions so that you can spend more time selling and delivering great customer experiences.

Q: Can you help me generate a One Day Code?

A: We’re always here and happy to help, but we want to empower you, too, so you can move your business forward when you need to from wherever you are. Watch this short One Day Code video to learn how to grant secure temporary access to non-SentriLock users such out-of-area agents from neighboring boards/brokerages, as well as photographers, painters, home inspectors, for example.

Effective Monday, March 15, One Day Codes will expire 60 minutes after they are first used to access a lockbox. SentriConnect®, available through the SentriKey® Real Estate system, is a more robust alternative. It enables agents to grant secure temporary revocable access on a SentriLock Bluetooth® REALTOR® Lockbox to a non-SentriLock user for a period as short as 30 minutes or as long as 14 days.

Q: I’m an agent. How can I buy a SentriLock lockbox?

A:  SentriLock contracts with local REALTOR® Associations or MLSs to provide its products and services to members of the National Association of REALTORS®. As a REALTOR®, you can purchase lockboxes through your local Association or MLS, who can then authorize you to use the SentriKey® Real Estate system. You can open your lockbox key compartment, release the shackle, assign the lockbox to a listing, manage your lockbox inventory, grant secure temporary access to your lockboxes, view Access Logs (see below) and showing instructions, and so much more.

Q: How can I check my access log on my smartphone?

A: Access Logs show you the time, date, and the type of access someone had at your property. You can view the Access Logs via your  SentriKey® Real Estate mobile app. To learn how to view access logs, watch this 47-second video or follow these simple instructions:
1. Tap the hamburger menu in the upper left corner of the app.
2. Tap Access Logs. The access logs will be displayed, showing the most recent access at the top of the list. The log will indicate the date of the access, the type of access, and the property to which the lockbox was assigned.
3. To View Details, tap the desired item on the list. Access details will be displayed.
4. When you’ve reviewed the access, tap Done.

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