Just Getting Started? Learn the Basics Fast: New Member Questions

As a SentriLock member, you can rest assured that our live, U.S.-based Customer Support Team is available for you from 8 a.m. to midnight ET, 7 days a week. We’re committed to providing you with world-class customer service, with a 22-second call answer time average and a 96% customer satisfaction rating. We’ve got your back, so you’re never out there on your own.

This month, our Customer Support team answers several new member questions on how to use your SentriKey® Real Estate mobile app to perform some key lockbox functions.

Q: I’m new to SentriLock. How do I assign a Bluetooth® lockbox to a property?

A. Welcome! We’re glad you’re here! This is one of our most-common new member questions. Here’s how to assign a lockbox to a property with your SentriKey® Real Estate mobile app:

VIDEO: How to Assign a Lockbox to a Property on a Bluetooth® Lockbox

Q: How do I release the lockbox shackle?

A: It’s super easy to use your SentriKey® Real Estate mobile app to release the shackle. Learn how by watching the appropriate lockbox-specific video below.

VIDEO: How to Release the Shackle on a Bluetooth® Lockbox
VIDEO: How to Release the Shackle on a Non-Bluetooth® Lockbox

Q: I’m more of a visual, go-at-my-own pace learner. Does SentriLock offer a self-guided lockbox instruction option?

A: We do! Sounds like our brand-new on-demand eLearning course on how to use the SentriKey® Real Estate system for lockbox management. It may be the best 30 minutes you’ll spend to learn all the functions and benefits. (A few references in the course, such as NFC and FlexCodes™, are specific to our latest SentriGuard® lockbox.)


Our team members are passionate about their commitment to helping you unlock doors – literally! We’ll be shining a spotlight on them in future Q&As.

Q: What do you enjoy most about working at SentriLock?
I like that I get to talk to different people each day. I learn a lot of interesting things, and what they’ve experienced, by talking to them.

Q: What do you enjoy most about helping SentriLock customers?
A: I like that I can teach people over the phone. I’ll often share a process with a customer that they didn’t know … but they do after our conversation. It’s nice knowing that I’m providing information that makes life easier for them going forward.

Q: What insight do you have to share?
A: It seems basic, but you’re juggling a lot, especially in this market, so always doublecheck that you have all of your belongings before locking the door and placing the key back into the lockbox.


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