Get the Help You Need to Deliver World-Class Client Experiences: 3 Solutions

We’re back for a third round of SentriLock Support Solutions! Greg Hortemiller, Manager, Support, answers three questions the SentriLock Customer Support Team has fielded recently … and provides easy solutions so you can focus on spending more time selling and delivering great customer experiences.

Q: I know I can call in to get support, which is great, but where can I find online help?

A: We’ve gathered some of our most helpful Customer Support resources for you in one spot on our newly refreshed website. Bookmark our Lockbox Support page for easy access to our Customer Support email address, as well as answers to frequently asked questions, featured help topics, how-to videos, and other resources related to property access.

If you’re a Showing Service customer, check out our Showing Service Support page for specific help and materials to get the most out of managing showings, client communication, and property access.

And, be sure to visit our Resources page for additional lockbox and showing service help topics, how-to videos, product briefs, and more. And, of course, we’re always just a phone call away for you!

Q: I’m new to the SentriLock lockbox system. How can I get up get up to speed quickly?

A: Welcome aboard! We’ve got just the thing – our SentriLock Agent Orientation course, a 30-minute on-demand eLearning module. The web-based training helps you understand the value of our system and how it enables you to focus on what you do best – selling. It shows you how to customize your SentriKey® Real Estate mobile app; assign a lockbox to a listing; access a lockbox for a showing; utilize our state-of-the-art features; and find and use our resources.

Q: Is there an easy way for me to let the listing agent know when my buyers and I have left the showing early?

A: You bet! Your SentriKey® Real Estate mobile app has a Manually End a Showing feature, perfect for those times when you wrap up a showing early. With a tap of a button, you can notify the listing agent and homeowners that the showing has ended. It’s a simple but powerful feature – and a gesture that will be especially appreciated by owners who want or need to limit time away from home.

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