Data Privacy Day: Protect Your Digital Information

Your personal information should always be protected, this includes your online information. In today’s world of phishing, viruses, ransomware, and even whaling, your digital information needs to be locked down like Fort Knox.

Here are some quick statistics1:

  • 67% of internet users are not aware of their privacy and data protection rules.
  • 81% of US users believe their personal information is vulnerable to hackers.
  • 33% of the world’s internet users change their passwords

So, in this world of internet piracy, how do you keep your treasure chest of private data safe?

  • Do not use the same password for your logins, make sure you use a complicated password using a combination of caps, numbers, and symbols.
  • Be sure to change your passwords regularly and store them safely.
  • Do not use public WIFI when making a purchase or entering a password/passcode, you never know who is digitally eavesdropping.
  • Use two step authentication for online accounts, yes it can be annoying, but it is an added barrier against hackers.
  • Enable Touch ID with your SentriLock box for an added layer of security beyond your code.
  • Be aware of your background while on Zoom calls, you may be giving away personal information without knowing.

“At SentriLock, we are always trying to improve the security built into our products and technologies. Advanced security techniques change every day, so continue to evolve your personal security The extra steps and time are worth the trouble to protect access to your life, your home, and your private information.” – Ryan Collins, IT DevOps Manager.

REALTOR® safety includes your personal data. SentriLock uses Google Cloud security, which provides encrypted internet communication, encrypted storage devices, phishing-resistant Security Keys, and more. To learn more about Google Cloud Trusted visit