Aug 15

Check your app’s Agent Safety settings.

While Agent Safety continues to be one of the most widely used and highly appreciated features of the SentriKey™ Real Estate app, users should make sure their settings for the feature in the new app are as they would want.

    1. In the new app, the Agent Safety feature defaults to ON if the user had previously set up emergency contacts. Users should be sure that they’d like to use it at each showing before clicking continue.
    2. If they do not want to use the Agent Safety Feature at a showing, be sure to toggle it OFF once the lockbox key compartment has been accessed at the start of the showing.
    3. The user’s emergency contacts will receive the Agent Safety notification email or text if they do not toggle OFF the feature during a showing and ignore the safety prompts after accessing the lockbox key compartment.

Get the most out of the SentriKey Real Estate app’s Agent Safety feature by paying close attention to the app’s settings. You can view a short video on setting up Agent Safety by clicking here