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Unlocking Success: Choosing the Perfect Lockbox

The Difference Between Electronic and Combo Lockboxes


Just like real estate agents who have achieved the title of REALTOR®, there are certain lockboxes that are held to a higher standard and can be a game-changer for agents. Lockboxes might not always get the spotlight, but they’re incredibly important. They serve as the gatekeepers to your listings, and they not only protect your client’s interests and help facilitate successful showings, but they can also help establish the important element of trust between clients and agents.

But here’s the thing – with so many lockbox choices out there, it can be tough to spot the ones that truly bring something special to the table. Let’s explore the different lockbox options and explain the most important features to look for when investing in a lockbox.


Combo boxes vs Electronic Lockboxes

Real estate lockboxes can essentially be boiled down into one of two basic categories: combo box or electronic. A combo box refers to the simple, manual devices agents can use to secure the keys to gain entry to a listing. These types of lockboxes typically operate with a code entered into a numeric keypad or padlock that opens a door to reveal a house key inside.


Combo boxes have multiple disadvantages:

  • Added Risk: Once set, the code will open the lockbox until the agent visits the property to change it, costing the agent valuable time.
  • Less Control: Agents also have no control over access hours or knowledge of who visited the property.
  • Not Secure: Many combo boxes are known to be easily breached with hand tools, posing further vulnerabilities to the security of the home.


How Electronic Lockboxes Are Changing the Game:

  • Enhanced Security: Where combo boxes rely solely on physical keys or combinations, electronic lockboxes offer additional security features such as encryption, unique access codes, and audit trails, all of which provide greater protection against unauthorized access.
  • Real-time Activity Tracking: Real-time activity tracking and reporting features allow agents to monitor who has accessed the property and when.
  • Remote Access: Grant access to the property from anywhere, at any time, with remote access. With electronic lockboxes, there’s no need for physical presence. This flexibility is especially valuable for agents managing multiple listings or conducting showings outside regular hours.

While electronic lockboxes often cost more than their mechanical counterparts, agents will quickly recoup this investment in the time and energy saved by not having to visit properties to change manual access codes, allowing them to focus their efforts on selling.


Choosing the Best Electronic Lockbox: 3 Key Features to Consider


1. Battery Life

While clearly a more advanced and secure option, electronic lockboxes have their own set of challenges. A dead battery could cause major issues since it needs power to open the door. That’s why the SentriGuard® lockbox from SentriLock offers the longest-lasting battery on the market, which is easily replaceable by the agent and supported by a backup battery, just in case. Unlike other lockbox solutions available, these batteries are replaceable so that the lockboxes can last for years.


2. Durability & Weather Resistance

Your lockbox is going to spend a lot of time outside. Make sure it can handle whatever the weather throws at it—rain, heat, cold, you name it. A tough, durable design is a must. The best electronic lockboxes will come with credentialed security and durability. SentriGuard® has earned an independently tested and approved attack rating to guarantee it’s designed to withstand just about anything.


3. Access Control

Being able to track who accesses the box and when is super useful, too. Look for lockboxes that let you create custom access codes or use an app to control entry. Through our SentriConnect® app or FlexCodes™, you can provide temporary access to authorized guests. It’s safe and convenient, allowing you to focus on selling. Need to control access around showing schedules? Yeah, we’ve got that, too. Easily set up appointment times to restrict when properties can be accessed.

Lockboxes perform an incredibly important task by securing access to what is often clients’ largest asset. Likewise, it’s well worth agents’ careful consideration to do their homework and select the best tool for the job. This is not only for the safety and security of their listings but also to ensure they can focus their full attention on achieving success in the hyper-competitive real estate industry.


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