Sustainability-Focused Manufacturing Is at The Heart of Every SentriLock Product

While SentriLock is perhaps best known for our obsession with improving the lives of REALTORS®, an additional value is our commitment to incorporating true sustainability into our products.

SentriLock lockboxes are built to last well beyond the industry average lifespan. Their team supports several generations of products that are now out in the field. Simultaneously, this environmental sensitivity saves agents critical capital expenses and hassle – while also saving precious resources from premature disposal.  Previous generations of lockboxes continue to be supported for years to avoid obsolescence and expand their lifespan. This in turn requires a reduced demand for metals, chips, electronic components, and other precious materials that are required to produce today’s technology-enabled devices.

SentriLock continually updates products’ software and electronic capabilities, which will evolve at a much faster rate than their hardware shells. For example, when Bluetooth® functionality was added to the previous generation of lockboxes, electronic connectivity technology. Mechanically, SentriGuard® lockboxes might look the same for years to come, even as new functionality is added, and the devices incorporate new features made possible by continuous software upgrades.

Simply put, you can’t be a company in the business of manufacturing hardware products today without having an eye on sustainability. We may live in a disposable society, but that doesn’t mean SentriLock’s products should be disposable as well.

Moreover, as we developed the SentriGuard® lockboxes, we asked ourselves, “Is it possible to build these so that at the end of their lifecycle, we can pull the resources and raw materials back out of each box?” So, we set out to build products with elements that can be recaptured upon disassembly – while still preserving the security and durability of each device.

Knowing that plastics don’t recycle well, we also decided to work with infinitely recyclable metals whenever possible. Did you know that almost a pound of stainless steel goes into each SentriGuard® lockbox, along with additional nickel and steel components that will one day be reharvested, recycled, and even redeployed in a future generation SentriLock product? And for those components that simply cannot be recycled within the bounds of today’s capabilities, our goal continues to instead streamline the scrap process to remove any unnecessary environmental impact.

SentriLock is also in the process of implementing a return program in partnership with FedEx to make recycling and returning older generations of lockboxes even easier for customers.

We believe that we need, as a society, to manufacture sustainability into our consumer products. Manufacturing technologies that promote refurbishing, repairing, recycling, and even replacing deserve continued exploration and commitment. Greener building components must likewise continue to be deployed whenever possible. At SentriLock, we’re making intentional decisions today that will keep our products out of landfills tomorrow.

Now an added obsession is minimizing our environmental impact and innovating when it comes to extending the lifecycle of everything, we put our name on. You can trust and rely on SentriLock to provide the products and services you need to take care of business. And you can trust us to build them with environmental sustainability top of mind.