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Celebrating SentriLock’s 20th Anniversary

Looking Back on 20 Years


The Year is 2003. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers won their first-ever Super Bowl. Nora Jones and her hit “Come Away with Me” dominated the airwaves and the Grammys. The fifth installment of the popular book series about Harry Potter was published. This is the year that SentriLock, LLC was formed. Join us as we celebrate our 20th anniversary!


The Start of SentriLock

Scott Fisher, founder and CEO of SentriLock, with his partners, had been working on improving the existing lockbox system used by real estate agents.  As the first working prototypes were being assembled, NAR made the decision to answer member dissatisfaction of having only one lockbox solution and purchased majority interest in SentriLock. SentriLock and its new lockbox made its debut at the NAR Leadership Summit in August of that year and, with our return to the Summit this year, we will celebrate 20 years as the NAR’s official lockbox solution allowing REALTORS® to “Unlock their potential”.  


SentriLock Today

Twenty years later, the world and technology has changed significantly. The addition of Bluetooth® technology and hundreds of new lockbox system features since our inception has enhanced our products and our ability to secure properties better than ever. Built to last, some of our first lockboxes are still in use while our latest lockbox, SentriGuard®, provides state-of-the-art access and information technology.  

SentriLock has changed too. Beginning with our first employee and still current sales rep, James Reynolds, we have grown to more than 225 people strong, providing our lockbox system in six countries and half a dozen different industries such as home healthcare. NAR, an initial majority investor, completely acquired 100% of the company in 2011. This is unique because it means we are owned by the people we serve, making customer service our highest priority.  It also has placed SentriLock in a position to give back to the industry through RPAC and REALTOR® Relief foundation. 

What hasn’t changed is our mission: to provide REALTORS® the most innovative technology. We are continuing to innovate and work with other vendors to provide our customers with the best possible tools to help them serve their clients. Our recent partnership with Plunk and its real-time market data is just one example of ways SentriLock works to expand the customer experience. 


Thank You To Our Customers

We couldn’t have thrived for these last twenty years without the continued confidence in our products from our customers for 20 years. Our commitment to our customers and their privacy means you can count on us not to sell your data. To those of you who have continued to support us, we thank you. Let’s unlock the next 20 years together. 

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