SentriLock Interns on National Intern Day 2023

Celebrating National Intern Day 2023

SentriLock is Highlighting Our Interns For Their Contributions


July 27 is National Intern Day, and we’re using it as an opportunity to recognize the contributions of the many former and current interns that we’ve had the pleasure of mentoring as they seek to establish themselves in their prospective careers.


How It Started

The SentriLock Engineering Co-op and Internship Program was started in 2020 by Madelyn Pennington, a SentriLock electrical engineer who graduated from the University of Cincinnati. Madelyn reached out to her alma mater to establish a partnership that brings new ideas and perspectives to SentriLock while helping students gain a comprehensive engineering education based on real-world applications.


The Experience

Our interns receive the same onboarding experience that full time employees undertake and are assigned meaningful, challenging tasks that contribute to the success of major design projects. These tasks often include stress and environmental testing for possible product improvements or research and development work producing initial drawings and schematics that sometimes even involves our interns being included as inventors on SentriLock patents.

SentriLock interns are fulltime employees during their semester with us. They work in the office eight hours a day, five days a week. Interns are expected to complete their tasks and projects in a timely manner and participate in meetings to stay informed about the current progress on group projects. In return, interns receive guidance and feedback on their progress to help build their critical thinking skills around accomplishing their work, and a welcoming environment where questions are encouraged. At the end of the term, each intern delivers a presentation to the group about what they have worked on and learned throughout the term. Interns are also given a chance to indicate their interest to return for a following term. To date, every intern has chosen to return for a future term with us.



In the three years since its inception, the SentriLock Engineering Co-op and Internship Program has had positive impacts in our organization, including supporting the launch of our fourth-generation electronic lockbox.

The SentriLock Engineering Co-op and Internship Program is a rewarding experience all around. By the end of the term, students leave SentriLock with valuable hands-on experience and practical engineering skills that they can apply to their studies. In the same way, we have the pleasure of working with tomorrow’s leaders to help develop their skills and put their knowledge and ideas to use.


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