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Why “Made in America” Matters to Us

At SentriLock, we are proud to support the American Dream of home ownership as the official lockbox of the National Association of REALTORS®. SentriLock is a company founded in the entrepreneurial spirit of American innovation, where we see a need or a problem to be solved and work tirelessly to address it. And besides creating technology to help REALTORS® serve their customers more efficiently, we also strive to contribute to the American dream in every other possible way by keeping our manufacturing and labor in America.   

Unfortunately, many American companies today look to cut costs by outsourcing essential elements of their operations, such as customer service, manufacturing and assembly, to other countries where labor and materials are less expensive. This may improve profit margins or allow the company to offer its products at a lower price, but oftentimes comes at the cost of the overall quality of the product or service. In addition, there are negative impacts to our economy and environment when what could be domestic jobs are shipped overseas. 


What It Means to be Made in America

Being “Made in America” means that our economy benefits from the jobs that we create, and workforce conditions and practices are held to the American standards of safety, equality and fair compensation. The environmental impacts of shipping are kept to a minimum, and manufacturing operations are held to EPA regulations.  

85% of our components are made in the US, and they are 100% assembled right here in our facility in the Cincinnati suburb of West Chester, Ohio. Our knowledgeable service team provides its award-winning customer support seven days a week and is entirely US-based.  

When you partner with SentriLock, you can feel confident in not only procuring the world’s best, most innovative solutions for real estate agents available today, but also in that you’re supporting our country and the customers that your agents serve. 

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