SAM® Mileage tracking

Introducing SAM® Mileage

The Smart Way to Track Your Miles


REALTORS® are no strangers to the road. You are always on the go, and tracking every mile for tax purposes can seem like a task that’s just… more. In tax season, this ‘more’ becomes even more pronounced—more time-consuming, more tedious, and more distracting from what you really want to be focusing on—connecting with clients and closing deals. But what if mileage tracking became a task that just took care of itself?


Welcome to Simplicity: SAM® Mileage Has Arrived

We’re excited to introduce the latest game-changer for REALTORS®: SAM® Mileage, part of our SentriKey Showing Service®. This isn’t just an update; it’s a whole new way to manage your travel. Imagine never having to scribble down your odometer readings or punch numbers into a spreadsheet again. With SAM® Mileage, powered by artificial intelligence, your miles are tracked automatically as you move from showing to showing. It’s like having a smart assistant in your pocket, always ready to help you stay organized.


Auto-Tracking: Your New Best Friend

Imagine this: you’re grabbing your morning coffee, and your phone buzzes. It’s SAM® reminding you of your first appointment and even factoring in traffic so you’ll get there with time to spare. And while you’re focused on the day ahead, SAM® is quietly logging every mile in the background. This is the beauty of automation—your mileage records are always complete and ready when you need them, no extra effort required.

Setting up SAM® Mileage is just as user-friendly. With a few simple steps in the SentriKey ® Real Estate app or on the web, you’ll be ready to go. This straightforward process integrates effortlessly into your daily routine, offering a hassle-free addition to your professional tools.


For the Pro in You: Exclusive Access

This new feature is only for our Pro and Office Tier subscribers, adding even more value to your SentriKey Showing Service®. If you haven’t upgraded yet, consider this the perfect reason. With SAM® Mileage, you’re not just getting a mileage tracker; you’re getting back the time you used to spend on it.

Get to Know SAM® Mileage: For a hands-on look at SAM® Mileage and how it seamlessly operates on both the app and web, we encourage you to check out our detailed tutorial. This resource is perfect for visually walking you through the nuances of our newest feature, ensuring you can leverage SAM® Mileage to its fullest potential. To explore this helpful guide, simply click here.


Making it Simple: Easy to Set Up and Use

With the intuitive design of SAM® Mileage, setting up is a breeze. Customize your start locations with ease, whether it’s your home, office, or any other starting point. Plus, with the integration of Google Maps, selecting and adjusting addresses is straightforward and accurate. This level of customization ensures that your mileage tracking is as precise and relevant to your daily routes as possible, making your experience with SAM® Mileage not just convenient but tailored to your professional life.

Have our SentriKey Showing Service®, but only our basic level? Here’s a handy guide on how to upgrade your subscription and start letting SAM®, our virtual assistant make your life easier. Explore how SentriLock can support your journey in the REALTOR® profession. Here’s to moving forward, one smart mile at a time.