Elevating Your Experience: SentriLock’s Exceptional Customer Support and Care

Achieving success as a real estate agent requires a serious devotion to providing customers with the timely and skillful support they need to help them navigate the momentous occasion of buying and/or selling their homes. Since REALTORS® are renowned for providing the best support, it’s only fair that they expect the same level of service from their partners. That’s why SentriLock has assembled an excellent team of skilled individuals who make up our customer support team and assist our customers every day.


About Our Customer Support Team

Our team of 62 Customer Experience Specialists is available 16 hours per day (8am to midnight Eastern time), seven days per week to ensure a seamless customer experience with every support call it handles. Every specialist is screened to make certain they possess a high level of empathy for others and trained to prioritize issue resolution and customer satisfaction. When REALTORS® contact us with requests, they are connected with a team member who is equipped to provide the necessary support and understands the urgency of our customers’ needs.


Constantly Innovating

Like our technologies, we’re also constantly innovating to make sure our customer support is the best it can be. Regular feedback captured through routine customer surveys helps us identify areas of success and opportunity, and track our performance toward satisfaction at specific points in the customer’s journey with SentriLock.

Even as our active customer base expands, growing by 11,000 new active customers in the 2nd quarter of 2023 alone, SentriLock’s Customer Experience Specialists continue to rise to the challenge and meet our high standards of satisfaction.


Empowering Your Experience With Data

Between April and June, the SentriLock customer support team received over 78,000 calls for customer support. Of these calls, customers rated us with an average of a 94.9% satisfaction rate, resolving their issues on the first call 86.5% of the time. Calls were answered on average within 20 seconds, and issues resolved within 5 minutes and 30 seconds. Even though, of the nearly 4 million lockbox accesses that occurred during this period only 2.1% resulted in a call for support, our Customer Experience Specialists handled these calls with the skillful urgency required to achieve their high satisfaction rate and ensure world class support for our customers.


We wouldn’t be the leading Lockbox, Showing Service and Experience Management solution today without the world class service provided by our Customer Support Team. For more information, visit our support page.