Our Team

SentriLock FilterSentriLock’s team of employees continues to grow and provide exceptional levels of service resulting in our competitive advantage.

We strive to provide an environment that enhances:

  • Employee engagement
  • Education on individual strengths
  • Focus on skills each employee brings to SentriLock

We ensure our employee engagement satisfaction through:

  • Frequent employee surveys
  • Measuring where the company is presently
  • Identifying areas for improvement
  • Implementing an action plan based on data above

We also are proud of the assessment tools used to help drive the best communication between SentriLock employees through:

  1. Semi-annual performance management process – based on an employee self-review
  2. Collaborative performance and goal setting conversation between the employee and their manager

SentriLock believes in preparing for the future and this includes developing and growing our most important asset, our employees.  Our goal is to promote from within and to assist in that process we have created a Career Development Map to aide managers and employees in identifying career growth plans and to initiate training and development plans to prepare employees for that next step.