Sentrikey Showing Service™ Skyrockets Your Success.

FIRST and ONLY all-in-one solution for managing showings, client communication and property access.

Stay organized so you can spend more time selling and delivering great experiences to buyers and sellers!


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Introducing Sam

SAM (SentriKey Assistant for Mobile) is a virtual assistant that keeps you organized and efficient. SAM automatically reschedules showings so you can skip the back and forth of phone calls. SAM lets you focus on what matters most. You’re going to love SAM!

Learn how top producers spend more time selling

The Dashboard gets your day going

When it comes to saving time and effort, you’re going to really like our Dashboard. 

Start your day here and maintain your calendar, schedule showings, confirm or cancel showing requests, get appointment status and property-specific details – all in one convenient place.  Whether you use the app or the web, the Dashboard is where you start your day. 

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This is no ordinary Calendar.

The Calendar displays YOUR showings, the scheduled showings of your listings by other agents, and even the schedules of team members. Quick and easy, with appointments color-coded for at-a-glance simplicity. 

Plan Your Day of Client Showings

Use the Build a Daily Itinerary feature in the mobile app or on the web to create a showing plan for your clients while you’re on the go. It’s easy to create multiple showings for a client on a given day – and let the built-in Google Routes integration plot the best driving directions. 

Have a busy day of showings with multiple clients? You can build multiple itineraries on the same day to make your day go smoothly.  

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Your clients will think you’re a rock star!

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With the SentriKey Showing Service, you can create an amazing experience for your clients. 

Got a client concerned about selling their home? Share feedback and activity directly with them digitally. 

Got a hot listing you want a client to see? Send it to them through the app. 

And clients get an app that connects with yours so they can rate properties, provide feedback on showings and suggest listings they would like to see. 

A complete showing solution

With just one app, you can find appropriate properties, send them to your client, schedule showings, build a daily itinerary, plan your driving route, review the properties’ listing details, open the lockboxes at the showings, view showing instructions and property details, solicit client feedback, rate the properties, and more.

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client image do what you do best

Do what you do best

Let the SentriKey Showing Service help you stay organized and spend more time doing what you do best – selling homes and delivering outstanding service to your clients.

Almost sounds too good to be true, right?

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SentriKey™ Showing Service Brochure

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SentriKey™ Showing Service Dashboard Flyer

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SentriKey™ Showing Service Frequently Asked Questions