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SentriLock Phone Support

Have more detailed questions, need help with something you just can’t figure out? Call us 7 days a week from 8am – midnight EST.

US: 513-618-5800

Canada and Toll Free: 1-877-736-8745

Phone Renewals

For SentriCard® renewals or to obtain a One Day Code (if allowed by association) over the phone:

  • Have your SentriCard®, PIN, and a Lockbox ready
  • US Customers: 513-618-5800
  • Canada and Toll Free: 1-877-736-8745
  • Press 2 for the automated phone system
  • Follow along with the prompts

Watch our videos for the latest tips and step-by-step how-to

Non-Bluetooth Lockbox Shackle Release via SentriSmart (1:56)

See how to use SentriSmart® to release the shackle on your non-Bluetooth NXT Lockbox

Creating, Sending, and Using a One Day Code (2:14)

Master the 1DC by watching this step by step tutorial

Bluetooth REALTOR Lockbox / SentriSmart Tutorial (8:16)

Learn everything about our flagship lockbox and mobile app

SentriSmart – Key Compartment Access without Bluetooth (0:46)

SentriSmart key compartment access is backwards compatible for non Bluetooth lockboxes or for smartphones that do not have the latest Bluetooth technology

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Because practice makes perfect

Always assign your REALTOR® Lockbox to the listing.
Set up showing notifications.
Always hang your REALTOR® Lockbox vertically.
Renew your card after assigning a Lockbox to a listing, or making any customization changes.
Set up Card Expiration notifications.
Link your SentriCard® to your Mobile Phone.