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Essential Tips for Proper Lockbox Placement

As a REALTOR®, the security and accessibility of your property listings are paramount. Utilizing SentriLock lockboxes provides a reliable solution, but proper placement is crucial to avoid safety hazards and potential liabilities. This guide outlines the do’s and don’ts of lockbox placement, emphasizing the repercussions of incorrect placement and how to ensure you remain compliant with SentriLock’s guidelines.


Places to Avoid When Placing Your Lockbox

  1. Gas Meters: Placing a lockbox on a gas meter is not only unsafe but also a liability. Gas meters are sensitive equipment, and tampering with them can lead to leaks or other hazardous situations. Moreover, locksmiths will not assist in removing lockboxes from gas meters due to safety concerns. Placing a lockbox here will void your locksmith assistance warranty, potentially leaving you with a $200+ removal fee.
  2. Water Spigots: Similar to gas meters, water spigots are not designed to bear the weight of a lockbox. This can lead to damage or leaks, causing costly repairs. Our locksmiths also refrain from handling lockboxes placed on water spigots for these reasons, and you may be responsible for removal costs.
  3. Bushes and on the ground: Lockboxes placed in bushes or on the ground are not only hard to find but also susceptible to damage from the elements and wildlife. This placement does not offer the security or convenience that SentriLock aims to provide.


Ideal Places to Position Your Lockbox

  1. Entry Doors: The best and most secure place for a lockbox is on the entry door of the property. This ensures easy access for authorized individuals and maintains the lockbox’s security features.
  2. Rails: Placing a lockbox on a sturdy railing is another excellent option. It offers visibility and ease of access while keeping the lockbox elevated and secure.
  3. Vertical Surfaces: Ensure that the lockbox is placed on a vertical surface, which helps in protecting the lockbox from elements and unauthorized access. This placement also aligns with SentriLock’s design for optimal functionality.



By following these do’s and don’ts for lockbox placement, you can ensure the safety, security, and ease of access to your property listings. Proper placement not only upholds the integrity of SentriLock’s services but also protects you from unnecessary costs and liabilities. Let’s work together to maintain a standard of excellence and safety in our real estate practices. For any questions or further assistance, please feel free to contact SentriLock support. Your cooperation and attention to these guidelines are greatly appreciated.