Let’s be real; your days are packed. Between darting from one showing to another, handling heaps of paperwork, and keeping up with all those client calls and emails, it sometimes feels like you need a few more hours just to catch your breath. What if we told you there’s a way not just to manage but actually reclaim some of that precious time? Enter the SentriKey Showing Service®—your new secret weapon for making every minute count.

Perfect Timing: Never Late Again

The Challenge: Ever found yourself stuck in traffic, watching the minutes tick by, as you stress about being late for a showing? It’s the worst feeling, knowing your first impression might hinge on a traffic jam.

The Solution: Imagine a service that knows the roads better than you do. SentriKey Assistant for Mobile (SAM®), your virtual assistant within the SentriKey Showing Service®, provides automated travel alerts based on real-time traffic data, ensuring you’re always on time. SAM® calculates the best departure times and travel durations, syncing seamlessly with your location to give you a heads-up when it’s time to leave. With SAM®, no more guessing games with traffic and no more rushing to showings.

All Your Showings Streamlined in One Place

The Challenge: Navigating the complexities of scheduling and communicating with multiple parties can be overwhelming. Every REALTOR® knows that missed messages can lead to missed opportunities, difficult transactions, and unhappy clients.

The Solution: Overwhelmed by client communications and scheduling? SentriKey Showing Service® is your streamlined solution. It’s your one-stop platform for the entire showing process: find listings, set appointments, map out your day, and even handle lockboxes and showing details. It even gives you a vehicle to chat with agents in-app so that no messages get missed. Keep every interaction clear and every showing on track, all through one service. Say goodbye to missed messages and hello to managed success.

Mileage Tracking: Streamlined and Automated

The Challenge: Tracking every mile for tax purposes or expense reports can be tedious and time-consuming, especially when you’re constantly on the move.

The Solution: Forget about scribbling down odometer readings or punching numbers into a spreadsheet. SAM® includes a mileage tracking feature that automatically logs every mile as you travel from showing to showing. This automated tracking by SAM® not only simplifies your record-keeping but also ensures you’re ready for tax season without the hassle of manual logs.

Mobile Access Anywhere, Anytime

The Challenge: Being out in the field most of the day requires having access to your tools and information on the go, without the need to return to the office.

The Solution: The mobile capabilities of the SentriKey Showing Service® mean you can carry your office in your pocket. Whether it’s adjusting showing schedules on the fly, accessing client information, or handling urgent queries, everything you need is available at your fingertips through the SentriKey® app. This flexibility ensures you can stay productive and responsive, no matter where your day takes you. By incorporating SAM® and the SentriKey Showing Service® into your daily operations, you’re not just adjusting your workflow—you’re upgrading it. SAM® acts like a virtual assistant, providing the tools you need to streamline tasks, manage your schedule more efficiently, and focus on what you do best: connecting with clients and closing deals. Ready to reclaim your time and reduce stress? Explore how SAM® and the SentriKey Showing Service® can transform your professional life, one showing at a time.