Women’s History Month | Leslie Fernandez Rosales

SentriLock Highlights Leslie Fernandez Rosales for Women’s History Month 2023

Leslie Fernandez Rosales, Retention and Renewal Director

This is the second in our series spotlighting the women of SentriLock with Leslie Fernandez Rosales, our Retention and Renewal Director.


How did you get into your field?

I started out in education, working as a Director at Sylvan Learning Center, but left after ten years when I got married. After a second relocation, a friend from the realtor association world encouraged me to get my real estate license. I worked as a realtor for two years until my husband retired from the Marines and we moved back to Miami. I was fortunate enough to be hired for a new Business Development position at the Miami AOR. I worked there for six years before joining SentriLock. I always loved the real estate world and have enjoyed working so many avenues within the industry.

Who’s your female hero and why?

My female hero is my mother. She left Cuba soon after it fell to communism, relocating to Spain initially and then to the US. She was extremely supportive of my father during their transitions and helped him achieve great success. My mother also always ensured we had the best of everything, education being her top priority, and sacrificed her own needs for ours. She taught me about strength, work ethic, responsibility, accountability, courage, and dedication. She taught me to respect all forms of life and how to be a genuinely good person. She also taught me to speak up for myself and my beliefs. Even as a young woman under dangerous circumstances, she made sure to speak up against injustices in her country. I will always admire everything she did for us and the grace with which she got it all done.

Coolest part about your job?

I love helping people. That is at the core of who I am.  I also enjoy collaborating with colleagues who share my work ethic. My role helps me address any issues our customers are having and allows me to often solve it in real time thanks to great team members! I think this really helps keep their faith that SentriLock is the best choice because we have such a great team that’s always willing to help! I enjoy helping them see the SentriLock value and help extend their time with us. They really do see and value the exceptional service we all provide.

Advice for young women in the workforce: 

Believe in yourself. Often, we get caught up in the noise and fall into comparing ourselves with others.  We must take time to quiet the world and listen to our minds. Don’t be afraid of your confidence but also stay humble. Be willing to learn from others and keep an open mind. It is a delicate balance, but it can be achieved. One of my favorite quotes: “The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance it is the illusion of knowledge.” –  Stephen Hawkings

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