SentriLock Highlights Toni Clark

This is the final post in our series spotlighting the great women of SentriLock with Toni Clark, our Sales and Marketing Administrator.Image of Toni Clark

How did you get into your field? 

I took typing and shorthand in my senior year of high school and loved it!  And yes we had typewriters, not computers, and used shorthand to take notes.  My career choices were to be a radiology tech or an administrative assistant.  When I went to college, I chose an Associate’s Degree in Office Administration with concentration in legal (took political science, business law, legal terminology classes).  All my prior jobs were with law offices or the Kentucky court system. 

Who’s your female hero and why? 

My female hero is a former boss who became a Kentucky Court of Appeals Judge.  I met her originally when she was a lawyer.  Back in the 1970’s and 80’s there were not many women in law school, law offices, or in the Kentucky court system.  She worked her way up from law school, to practicing as a lawyer to District Court Judge then Court of Appeals Judge.  She died from a second bout of breast cancer in 1991. 

I was so lucky to work with her for about 5 years, both in District Court and on the Court of Appeals.  She raised a family of 3 children, went to law school when the kids were older, then worked full-time as an attorney with her husband who was also an attorney, then became a judge.  I always admired how she was able to “do it all”.  She was a great role model.  I loved that she could walk into a room, walk around and shake hands and talk with everyone, and leave with more friends to add to her collection.  She is why I choose to walk up to someone, introduce myself and talk with them; it’s very simple to find something in common. 

Coolest part about your job?

Coolest part about my job now at SentriLock is handling the contracts; I still get to use my “legal” skills.

Advice for young women in the workforce:

Always take time for learning and bettering yourself; do what you say you will do; treat others with kindness, respect, patience, courtesy, politeness and listen to them; reach out and talk to someone new; mentor someone—it is good for both you and the mentee.

If you’re interested in working with the great people of SentriLock, check out our careers page.