SentriLock Highlights Dom James

This is the fourth in our series spotlighting the great women of SentriLock with Dom James, one of our Project Managers.

Dom James, Project Manager at SentriLockHow did you get into your field? 

A referral! A close friend of mine was working for SentriLock and had wonderful things to say.  Encouraged me to apply and here we are, 13.5 years later! I always thought I’d be a high school English teacher but through a couple positions at SentriLock, I’ve really had an opportunity to develop skills that led me to Project Management! 

Who’s your female hero and why? 

A former colleague of mine, Buffy. Buffy is such an incredible woman who really shaped who I am today. She was an incredible mentor that encouraged my professional and personal growth.  I am forever grateful for the woman she is and her inspiring leadership. 

Coolest part about your job? 

My team and the customers!  I may be biased but I think I have the greatest team!  I also love the customers. At SentriLock, no one is just an account number and that’s what I love the most. Being able to build relationships with the customer that extend past our product is a special part of the job!

Advice for young women in the workforce:

Have the confidence to fail. Yes, you read that right. We don’t know what we don’t know; do not be afraid to fail.  Have the confidence to take the risk and accept that failure may be the outcome.  You will learn and you will grow, both professionally and personally. Never let the risk of failure hold you back!


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