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Trusted Real Estate Partner SentriLock Delivers SentriKey Showing Service®, the Industry’s First Real Estate Experience Management Platform

New product simplifies the real estate process and creates great experiences for agents, buyers, and sellers.


West Chester, Ohio. (February 11, 2021) SentriLock, LLC, a leading real estate technology provider and wholly owned subsidiary of the National Association of REALTORS®, sees increasing demand for its upcoming SentriKey Showing Service® product.

More than a year ago, SentriLock and its volunteer board of directors, chaired by Bob Goldberg, NAR CEO, observed the consolidation occurring in the showing service space. “Our board directed us to develop a solution to address the growing lack of choice in this technology sector, given the natural fit with our current lockbox business,” said Scott Fisher, Founder and CEO of SentriLock. “With recent industry acquisitions, this validates the decision that a trusted partner is needed more than ever to ensure REALTORS® have a choice in showing service solutions. We did this with great success in the lockbox space 18 years ago and look forward to extending this approach into showing services.”

Recognizing the significant increase in demand for a new trusted solution, SentriLock’s SentriKey Showing Service® product will be available to current customers on March 31st of this year and will be generally available as a platform solution to all Associations and MLSs later this year. Pricing will follow SentriLock’s historically competitive approach with other options in the industry.

SentriLock’s approach is to provide a seamless scheduling platform, enabling significantly improved client and agent experiences. The new platform leverages artificial intelligence to create a virtual assistant capable of freeing REALTORS® from tedious administrative tasks, allowing them to get precious time back in their busy lives. Lastly, brokers and agents can feel secure in SentriLock safeguarding their data just as vigorously as it safeguards their clients’ homes.

“Response to our offering has been tremendous, with over 100 Association and MLSs covering 200,000 agents expressing interest,” said Fisher. “We’ve been flooded with inquiries with the recent announcement of realignment of our showing service competitor.”

SentriLock is used by over 350 MLSs and Associations, and over 350,000 REALTORS®. As the Official Lockbox Solution of the National Association of REALTORS®, whose core purpose is to help its members become more profitable and successful, SentriLock’s focus is to provide value-added technology as a trusted partner on behalf of the real estate community.

During almost 20 years providing technology solutions to the real estate industry, SentriLock has:

  • enabled over 10 million home sales.
  • more than 3 million lockboxes in the field.
  • securely enabled over 12 million home accesses.

For more information about SentriLock’s SentriKey Showing Service®, contact Devin Beck at


About SentriLock

Founded in 2002, SentriLock, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) and its Official Lockbox Solution. The company’s primary mission is to provide its members with technology solutions that are member-focused and driven to provide superior customer service. SentriLock has a 96 percent customer satisfaction rating and is committed to providing the same exceptional support and technology to showing service customers.


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