High-performing real estate professionals leverage their time with an efficient and focused approach. Instead of trying to manage all aspects on the buying/selling continuum, they focus on the most critical moment of truth in the real estate cycle – the client experience.

Top producers understand that providing stellar customer service is where the magic happens – and that the customer experience is what establishes their reputation. While top producers can’t control everything in the buying/selling journey – so much is out of the agents’ control – they can own and greatly influence this part of the continuum. They do so by devoting sufficient time and effort to each client’s buying/selling experience and guiding them through the three stages of the journey: the awareness stage, the consideration stage, and the decision stage.

The 3 Stages of the Buyer’s Journey

Top producers invest considerable time in the awareness stage. This is where they really get to know their clients, gather information, and establish a positive relationship. Doing so establishes the client’s trust and a feeling of confidence they they’ve selected the right producer to lead them, knowledgeably and proactively, on their journey.

In the consideration stage, they thoroughly research the market and comps with their client’s target needs, wants, and expectations in mind. This ensures that they’re delivering an on-point, targeted buying/selling experience.

By using the compiled information and researching the market, the producer is able to save valuable time for both themselves and the client. This also reduces the likelihood of frustration for both parties.

All of the up-front work that the producer has done results in a positive decision stage, in which the client is confident in the price being offered for their home or is ready to purchase their “dream home.”

Throughout these three stages, effective communication is absolutely vital. Top producers deliver communication in a timely, personalized way so that their clients feel they’re in an exclusive relationship – one that guides them on the right path to buying or selling what’s most likely their most valuable asset.

By effectively managing the journey, top producers are more likely to close sales faster, make their commissions faster, get referrals from their delighted clients faster, and start the buying/selling journey over again with new clients – you guessed it – faster.

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