Access Codes


SentriConnect® AccessThe most secure, trackable, temporary access in the industry. This form of temporary access can be granted to non-SentriKey® eligible users who would need secure and temporary access to a property. Access is granted to a user’s email and phone number for a specific time period that can be revoked up until the designated access time begins, if desired. Those granted access will receive an email with an invitation to download SentriConnect®, our free mobile application to set up their free account. Upon account setup, they will see the property (or properties) they have been granted access to within the SentriConnect® app. 


One Day CodeTemporary access code that can be generated by anyone with lockbox owner privileges for a specific day which will expire 60 minutes after use.


Flex CodeOur newest and most versatile temporary access solution only available with SentriGuard® lockboxes. Flex codes are time specific access codes of at least 30 minutes, or up 31 consecutive days that can be generated by anyone with lockbox owner privileges.


Contractor CodeTemporary access code that can be used once the Contractor Mode is enabled. This would allow one code that doesn’t change to be given for repeated access on the lockbox until otherwise disabled by the user with lockbox owner privileges.


Mobile Access CodeA mobile code generated using the SentriKey® mobile application to open the key door of a non-Bluetooth lockbox using the “View Nearby Properties” option and tapping the designated listing / lockbox or searching for the serial number you want to access. 


Support Issued Access Code (SIAC)An access code our support staff has been authorized to generate for a valid SentriKey® user to access a lockbox.




Shackle Release CodeA code that can be generated by users with owner privelages (App), SentriLock staff (Website), and Association staff (Website) to release the shackle on a lockbox.


Cardless Clock CodeCode that can be generated on the SentriLock website by SentriLock staff, or Association staff to reset the clock on any lockbox firmware version between 24.36 – 51.54. This is anything between the viable NXT lockboxes and the SentriGuard® lockboxes.