Tips and Tools

Banner 6We’re working for REALTORS® every day of the week and we keep our focus on your needs and enhancements for the future. Below we have our instructional YouTube video so that you can see how to use many of the SentriLock features.

Tutorial Videos can be found on our YouTube Channel.youtube_logo


white lockboxWe have also included below a great list of Best Practices that will help working REALTORS® maximize the ease of use and benefits from the SentriLock system.

These practices will also help ensure that the Lockbox will function properly and for its normal lifespan. Please consider the following tips, and visit the provided links for additional details on any of the items. If you have suggestions, email us here.

Best Practices

Always assign your REALTOR® Lockbox to the listing.
    • There are many benefits to assigning your Lockbox to a listing. With the box assigned, it will be much easier to locate the appropriate box on the website when looking at your list of Lockboxes. This will also allow the Lockbox access report to show the assigned listing address. Click here for a PDF with step by step instructions to assign your Lockbox to a listing, or click here for our tutorial YouTube video.
Set up showing notifications.
    • You can get a text message or email notifying you that there has been a showing at your properties. And best of all you control when you receive them. Notifications can be received as they come available, or in a comprehensive daily email. Click here to view our instructional video to learn how to set up Showing Notifications for your account.
Always hang your REALTOR® Lockbox vertically.
    • Whether the box is on a door, a hand rail, or another location, you will want to hang the box vertically. The box is designed to allow water to pass through, should it be exposed to rain. If the box is laying on its side or back, it could gather water inside the box and become damaged or non-functional.
Renew your card after assigning a Lockbox to a listing, or making any customization changes.
    • Your card is a messenger between the Lockbox and the website. To ensure that all information gets to the website, it is best to renew your card after taking any actions at a Lockbox. Renewing the card several times a day, or before the expiration date, will not hurt the card.
Set up Card Expiration notifications.
    • When you enable this setting, you will receive a message the day before your SentriCard® expires. You can choose to receive the message as an email, a text message, or both! Click here to view our instructional video on setting up this feature. Note: This feature is only available for customers who have a three day or longer renewal period.
Link your SentriCard® to your Mobile Phone.
    • You can link your SentriCard® and mobile phone by calling our support line at: US Customers: (513) 618-5800; Canadian Customers: 1-877-736-8745. After linking your mobile phone number to your SentriCard® you won’t be prompted to enter your SentriCard® serial number anymore when you call SentriLock’s Customer Care Team. This allows for faster assistance when calling our automated line or live support. Click here to view our instructional video on how to link your SentriCard® to your mobile phone.

If further assistance is needed, you can obtain free support from SentriLock in one of the following ways:

    • SentriLock Card Utility or REALTOR® Lockbox Web Site: The best way to reach SentriLock support is via our support website. Click the Support button on the toolbar in the REALTOR® Lockbox Web Site or SentriLock Card Utility. Click Add Ticket to send a message to SentriLock Support. The SentriLock Card Utility can be found here.
    • E-mail: You can send e-mail to SentriLock support on your own or from the Tech Support Page.
    • You can reach SentriLock Technical Support for live support between the hours of 8 a.m. and midnight (ET)
      • US Customers: 513-618-5800
      • Canada and Toll Free: 1-877-736-8745
      • A 24 hour automated support line is available to retrieve a code to renew your SentriCard® or to retrieve a One Day Code for a Lockbox.
      • Email:
      • REALTOR® Lockbox Website:’ll need your SentriLock ID and Password to login.)
        • A live chat option is available from this website.