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Can I renew my SentriCard® without using a SentriCard® reader?

If you’re away from your computer and you need to renew your SentriCard®, you can use a SentriCard®, a renewal code and a Lockbox to temporarily renew your SentriCard®. To generate a renewal code, you can use the Card Authorization Renewal System (CARS).

The following instructions will guide you through using CARS to generate a renewal code:

1. To generate a renewal code, call CARS at 513-618-5805. CARS is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

2. CARS will prompt you to enter your SentriCard® serial number and PIN.

Note: After you enter your PIN, CARS will let you know when your SentriCard® expires. If the number of days left on your SentriCard® is greater than or equal to the CARS Renewal Period, CARS will not allow you to renew your SentriCard®.

3. Follow the prompts in CARS to generate a renewal code.

4. Once you have the renewal code, insert your SentriCard® into a Lockbox. Do not enter your PIN. On the Lockbox keypad, press FUNC + 0 + Renewal Code + ENT.

Once the Lockbox is able to renew your SentriCard®, it displays the READY light. To access the key compartment or perform other functions, re-insert your SentriCard® into the Lockbox. When the Lockbox displays the CODE light, press your PIN + ENT.

5. If the Lockbox was unable to renew your SentriCard®, it will flash the CODE and ERROR lights. Try to renew your SentriCard® again. Re-insert your SentriCard® into the Lockbox and press FUNC + 0 + Renewal Code + ENT.

Your Association may limit the number of times per month Agents can use CARS.

Note: Renewing a SentriCard® via a Lockbox is only temporary. Your Association determines the length of time the renewal period will last. Typically, both the renewal code and the renewal period expire at midnight. For example, on Tuesday you call CARS and generate a renewal code. You must use the code to renew your card by midnight on Tuesday. Once you renew your SentriCard®, it is valid until midnight on Tuesday. Association Administrators can use the CARS Renewal Period field on the Edit Association window to set the renewal period for CARS.

What is a One Day Code and how do I obtain one for my Lockbox?

One Day Codes allow anyone access to a Lockbox key compartment without using a SentriCard®. One Day Codes are NOT static, meaning they change on a daily basis.

One Day Codes are similar to contractor codes, but they change every day. Contractor codes are static, meaning someone can repeatedly use the same contractor code to access a Lockbox for longer than one day. You can use One Day Codes to provide the security of giving time limited access to the Lockbox key compartment without the hassle of having to visit your Lockbox to change the access codes.

A One Day Code can be generated for a Lockbox up to two weeks prior to when the code is actually needed. One Day Codes are valid for one day and they expire at midnight on the day they have been created for. You can select from nine different codes per day, per Lockbox. Some Associations allow the use of generic One Day Codes. These codes will work on all of an Agent’s Lockboxes. Some Associations require One Day Codes to be specific to a particular Lockbox, meaning the set of codes will only work on one of the Agent’s Lockboxes.

There are different ways to create One Day Codes:

1. You can create a One Day Code using the SentriLock Card Utility/SentriCard® Utility or the REALTOR® Lockbox Web Site.
2. You can create a One Day Code using CARS.
3. You can create a One Day Code using the SentriSmart™ Mobile App.
4. You can get a One Day Code issued to you from SentriLock Technical Support.

How a One Day Code is used:

You can use the following instructions to open the key compartment of a Lockbox with a One Day Code.

1. On the Lockbox’s keypad, press and hold ENT. This will “wake up” the Lockbox.
2. When the Lockbox lights up the keypad, enter your One Day Code. For example 2862745, and press ENT.
3. The Lockbox will open the key compartment.

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