Meet Annette Sheffler, Customer Relationship Manager


Sometimes solutions can’t be created by a computer software system and require human thought—that’s where Annette Sheffler and her innovative thinking come in handy. In October of 2014, SentriLock welcomed Annette aboard as our new Customer Relationship Manager. In only two short years, Annette has managed to create strong, happy relationships with her customers by providing exceptional service and plenty of useful experience. We’d like to take a moment to celebrate Annette and all she does to help SentriLock function productively and exceptionally well.

Before coming to SentriLock, Annette worked for 29 years in sales and real estate. This professional experience allowed Annette to learn how to forge robust and solid relationships with her customers. Today, she uses her past experience to work closely with her customers, understand what their needs are, and to provide good service as well as good experience. What makes Annette truly special is the fact that she finds inspiration for her work by thinking outside the box in order to help her customers.

“I like to think of new or different ways to help solve an issue for my customers,” shared Annette. “I’ve been called ‘The Work-Around Queen’ on numerous occasions because I thrive when its time to work around an obstacle or approach a situation in a different light. It’s very rewarding when I am able to work this way and arrive at a solution—making people happy is the gratifying part of my job.”

At SentriLock, we give Light Bulb Awards for what we call Smart Ideas, a part of our innovation initiative. Recently, Annette solved an issue that had to do with data processing errors. She worked closely with our tech support team to create a dashboard that allows everyone at SentriLock to see which customer processes are running correctly and which ones have encountered errors. This way, we are able to identify issues long before customers even have to worry about them. We were proud to award Annette a Light Bulb Award for her innovative, forward thinking in creating this new function.

As one of SentriLock’s remote workers, Annette works out of her home-based office in Roberts, Wisconsin. She works with a variety of SentriLock customers in Canada, California, Wisconsin, Michigan, Montana, and Minnesota, and enjoys traveling to spend face-time with these customers as well as getting the opportunity to explore new parts of the world.

Annette resides in Roberts with her two children and husband, Brad. She is originally from northern Michigan and her husband comes from Florida. Their goal is to eventually move south to a warmer climate, so they may take advantage year-round of their favorite hobby: boating! Annette and her family spend most of their free time, weather permitting, boating on their 38-foot sea race cruiser and two smaller boats. Every weekend in the summer, the Sheffler family can be found relaxing in the sun and cruising around on their boat.

SentriLock is very happy to have you on the team, Annette! We’re looking forward to many more years to come with you on board, thinking outside the box, and building rapport with SentriLock customers.