SentriSmart™ & RPR: Better Together

We are proud to introduce our new SentriSmart™ integration with RPR—a new feature in the Mobile App that will allow you to easily access all the detailed listing information you need. With this new function, REALTORS® will have the option to read property data immediately when the SentriLock lockbox key door opens. REALTORS® will have the ability to access critical and helpful information needed to conduct their business within seconds.

Ready to try out the new SentriSmart™ function? In order to enable your Listing Detail Integration program to work seamlessly with SentriSmart™, visit the Settings tab within the SentriSmart™ App. Check that the Enable Listing Detail Integration toggle is enabled, or green. From there, you may select the Listing Detail Integration program you wish to use.

After enabling the Listing Detail Integration, go to your Properties list and select the listing you would like to use the RPR function with. Enter your PIN when prompted, then press Open. The RPR Listing Detail Integration prompt will appear on your screen—select View Property Details and you will be redirected to the property details page in the RPR App.

This new function is available NOW within the SentriSmart™ Mobile App! Try it for yourself by downloading it from your iTunes or Google Play.

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DOWNLOAD PDF to learn more.