8 Safety Tips to Share with Your Sellers

REALTOR® safety isn’t just for the agent, it’s also for the client and their home.  This is a time where their valuables are most vulnerable so making sure they are secure is vital.  Here are eight safety tips to share with sellers:

  1. Home showings need photos/video, take the time to secure all valuables (jewelry, art, computers, collectibles), any weapons, family photos, personal information (bills, ID, activity calendars), keys, credit cards, and cash.
  2. Lock away any prescription drugs.
  3. Tell clients not to show their home without their agent. Thieves and predators look for windows of opportunity, posing as a real estate agent to gain access to your home is a very real threat.  Warn children not to open the door to strangers.
  4. House pets during showings, the owner is responsible if anyone touring a home is injured by a homeowner’s pet.
  5. Be aware – during the end of a showing thieves will come to the open house and will distract the agent while the rest of the group goes through the home stealing any open valuables.
  6. Repair or remove obstacles that may cause a tripping hazard like a power cord or broken step.
  7. Before and after a showing, check that all the doors and windows are locked and make sure nothing has gone missing or been damaged. Report any loss or damage to your REALTOR® as soon as possible.
  8. Consider extra security cameras or monitoring when a property is on the market.

SentriLock provides another added layer of security to the home seller process. The SentriKey® Real Estate app has controls that put the client in charge of their showings.  Features like Access by appointment control, homeowners can designate what times and days their home is available for showings.  Agents will also receive instant notification when a property is accessed and an up-to-date list of all showings of the property and by whom.

Home showings can be a stressful time for sellers, SentriLock is here to provided added security and assurance for you and your client.

For more tips on REALTOR® safety visit nar.realtor/safety/safety-articles.