How Safe is Your Office?

REALTORS® meet strangers everyday which opens your office to potential dangers.  Do you have steps in place to make sure you and your team are safe at work?

  1. Screen potential clients – Background check all potential buyers and sellers, they are essentially a stranger. Look for red flags in behavior and trust your gut feeling.
  2. Know who is in your office – have a login procedure in place with a check-in and out. Take a copy of client’s identification and keep a record.
  3. Keep it professional – REALTORS® get to know their clients on a personal level, avoid sharing personal information about where you live, family, or if you have vacation plans.
  4. Have a plan – No one wants to think about worst case scenarios but having a plan could save your life. Performing safety drills will prepare them to take cover effectively in case of an active shooting incident. Practice drills will also help your team identify useful items to barricade the doors, designate a “safe room,” and develop an emergency contact system to check in with all staff and agents.
  5. Get to know the local police department – Your local law enforcement may have some great tips and suggestions on how to improve your office safety or offer training.
  6. Opt for technology with built-in safety features – Your phone is a great safety tool with built in features like GPS location and the ability to send an SOS message. In addition, your SentriKey® Real Estate App also has a built in feature that checks in with you regularly during a showing.

For more information about safety training or safety tips visit or contact your local police department.