Taking Time to Care

Kate has been with SentriLock for about three years, she is a Customer Experience Specialist in  SentriLock’s Customer Support Department.  Her definition of great customer service is “Handling each call as efficiently as possible without compromising security and compassion.  I make sure I can provide them with access as quickly as I can by walking them through the process.”

Kate has been in the customer service industry before in the medical equipment industry.  She took the job at SentriLock because she felt it was a good transition for her.  There was a learning curve, however Kate’s excellent customer service communication skills has earned her a training position on the Customer Support Team.

“The thing I like most about my job is helping solve each user’s issue.  Each call is different ranging from not being able to open a lockbox to a connection issue.  I like a different variety of calls; I even like calls where I don’t have the answer.  This allows me to learn and grow my knowledge base,” said Kate.

She explained it’s more than just about helping customers, it’s about SentriLock’s culture.  “I enjoy helping customers, but it is more than that, I’ve made friends here and my team keeps things positive.  Sometimes it can be stressful, but everyone is supportive and helpful.

One of Kate’s calls was from a REALTOR® named Barbara, she is in her 70’s and was having difficulty using the SentriKey® Real Estate App.  Barbara joked that she was not technology savvy, but she also voiced how due to her age she often felt disempowered when dealing with newer technology.  Kate took the time to send Barbara a link and walked through each step of the process.  “I felt totally empowered thanks to your patience and clear explanations of each step in the process,” said Barbara.

We have many wonderful employees here at SentriLock that go above and beyond for our customers, but Kate is shining example of a SentriLock Rockstar!