As the U.S. marks the 51st annual Earth Day focused on environmental awareness and action, SentriLock, LLC remains committed to delivering environmentally friendly, sustainable solutions in the electronic lockbox space. A wholly owned subsidiary of the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), SentriLock is one of the most trusted solution providers in the real estate industry.

A Focus on Now … and the Future
“As the leading lockbox, showing service, and experience management provider, we support NAR members with technology-driven products that can be relied on to maximize productivity, ensure great client experiences, and deliver the highest level of security,” says Scott Fisher, CEO and Founder of SentriLock. “We believe that it’s also our responsibility to minimize the company’s environmental footprint by engineering products that are efficient, long-lasting, and sustainable.”

Here are just a few examples of how SentriLock’s commitment to efficiency, longevity, and sustainability lessens the impact on the environment.

“The reduction in travel facilitated by SentriLock products and services brings greater efficiencies to businesses and lowers carbon emissions in the atmosphere, in some cases reducing travel by 50 percent,” Fisher says. No more driving miles to drop off and pick up a key for a showing.

“We’ve also moved assembly of our next-generation electronic lockbox in-house, reducing our shipping and transportation footprint,” he continues. “And, like most companies during the pandemic, we’ve pivoted to a work-from-home environment that has resulted in lower carbon emissions. A post-pandemic hybrid work environment will ensure that our carbon footprint remains approximately 50 percent lower than pre-pandemic conditions.”

Simply put, SentriLock products are engineered to last. “Our latest-generation lockbox features the longest-lasting, user-replaceable battery in the industry for a nearly maintenance-free lifespan, with a minimum battery storage shelf life of 10 years,” Fisher says.

By using a different chemistry than previous lockboxes, the lockbox battery uses significantly less power during operation. This extends the usable battery life to as many as 8,700 operations. Improved performance at low temperatures also prolongs the battery life.

“The addition of a built-in backup battery capable of several hundred operations further extends the lifespan,” he continues, “and ensures that a REALTOR® isn’t left standing out in the cold at a showing.”

From a physical design standpoint, the lockbox is engineered with a hardened steel vault and a thickened shackle, both weather resistant. Fisher says, “Our lockboxes undergo more extensive independent security testing than any other product on the market.”

On average, SentriLock lockboxes last twice as long as its competitor’s. “This means that MLSs, Associations, and their members can worry less for longer – and save money on lockbox replacements,” Fisher says.

The materials used in the latest-generation products are naturally corrosion resistant to extend their operating life, according to Fisher. And, they’ve been produced to allow disassembly, if necessary, to recover components or sort by material type for recyclability.

For materials that can’t be reused internally, SentriLock works with recycling partners that can extract metals from the materials. The lockboxes are also fabricated from materials that can be disposed of without increased risk of groundwater contamination.

“SentriLock will always be committed to seeking out opportunities that improve our products and lessen our impact on the environment,” Fisher says. “It’s good business – and good stewardship.”

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